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You cannot draw benefits of two people. When your husband passed, there should have been a review of your benefits. If the ones based on his income were higher, then that is the amount you will receive.
2007-10-19 20:14:44
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Can you draw unemployment while drawing Social Security in Alabama?

Yes, as long as you qualify for both.

Can you get married while drawing social security disability insurance?

depends if you are drawing in pen or pencil

Can you draw partial unemployment while drawing Social Security?

Yes, but drawing Social Security by itself does not mean you have to accept partial unemployment instead of full benefits.

Can you draw unemployment while drawing social security in Arizona?


Can a wife draw off her husbands social security while still married?


Maximum earnings while drawing social security at age 64?


Can you work past 66 years old and also draw Social Security at the same time?

Yes. There's no problem with working while drawing Social Security.

Can you draw unemployment while drawing Social Security in Maryland?

Yes, as long as you qualify for each of them separately.

How much can I make while drawing social security?

Unless you are 65+ and have paid into social security for 40 quarters you can't draw it. There is no set amount once you have met the requirements to get it. You can work. By the way Medicare is not free you pay a yearly deductible through your social security income.

What is penalty for forging and cashing someone else's social security check?

my sister-in-law cashed her ex-husbands social security check, forging his signature, while the ex was in jail. What are her penalties now that her action has been found?

Can a person over the age of 65 who has been drawing Social Security while working collect both unemployment and Social Security benefits if the person is laid off?

According to the Social Security Administration, each state makes its own rules with regard to paying unemployment compensation to laid-off Social Security recipients. In most cases, the answer is yes, you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits while drawing Social Security, but your benefits may be reduced or offset by a portion of your Social Security check.Receipt of any type of Social Security benefit must be reported to your state's Department of Labor Unemployment Compensation Service at the time you apply for unemployment compensation.Contact your local unemployment office for more specific information.

How much can a person earn while getting social security at age 64 but turns 65 in September?

How much can a person earn while drawing Social Sercurity at age 64 but turns 65 in September?

Can i work if drawing disability?

yes, but you are required to report your income to the social security office so that they can adjust your benefits to the amount you make while working

What happens if I marry while I am receiving social security disability?

What happens if I marry while I am receiving social security disabilty

You can earn 980.00 mo b4 or after taxs while drawing soc Security disability?

You really should get this information from the social security administration you can contact your local SSA office or go the SSA gov website SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS ON LINE and see what information they will give you about the information that you want and need.

Can you get social security while in a mental hospital?


Will social security fail?

Not till a while.

Can you collect social security disability benefits while in a mental facility?

While on social security disability if sentenced to a mental facility can you still collect

Does marriage infect social security benefits including social security disability social security income and social security associations?

If while receiving social security retirement benefits, I get married, can my wife receive thru me, and if so how much if my monthly check is, $1738.

Does georgia tax social security disability?

Some Social Security Disability beneficiaries have to pay federal income taxes on their Social Security Disability benefits, while others do not.

can I collect social security benefits while collecting unemployment benefits in connecticut?

No you cannot collect social security benefits while collecting unemployment benefits.

Would I be able to collect on my first husband's social security when I reach retirement age we were married for eighteen years he remarried in 1993 and I plan to remarry next year?

No, your social security entitlements are individual to you, you can only benefit from your husbands if he dies while you are married. If you had any children with your first husband you may be entitled to security points while you were looking after them, you need to check up on this. (By the way this is relevant to the UK only)

What is the portability of social security benefits?

The portability of social security benefits is in regards to the ability of workers to maintain social security rights while in the midst of changes. To learn more, Wikipedia has all the information about the portability of social security benefits.

Can you collect California Social Security benefits while living out of that state?

Social Security is a Federal program, not administered by California.

Can you work while on disability?

The Social Security definition of