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It could be the types of foods eaten or it could be that different types of ab work needs to be done. Try doing different ab excersices every time and rotate what is done. Push up work the abs really well. Stomach fat for some can be the most difficult to eliminate. Is a six pack really worth it? well it is said that stress can be one of the main reasons people carry fat on there stomach. when i started to relaxe and just relaxe for about 10 mins a day i noticed my stress level had went down and others did aswell. my stomach had also went down. so maybe try a de-stressing activity.

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What does psoriasis on your stomach look like?

you cant have it on your stomach

Can you sleep on your stomach?

no, you cant sleep with a stomach during pregnancy

I have a stomach ulcer and want to know what i can and cant eat or drink..?

i have a stomach ulcer and want to know what i can and cant eat or drink..

What would happen if you had no stomach acid?

you cant poop. then your stomach will hurt

How do you make a stomach?

i believe a person itself cant make a stomach it takes your liver to create a stomach

Which animal has no stomach?

Horses have a stomach - but cant be sick and have a illness called colic

Why cant mushrooms grow inside your stomach?

Because there is stomach acid, I think...

Is vomiting healthy?

Well put it this way,its a good thing because its the way your stomach cleans itself of things it cant digest,but its also not healthy because it means your body is taking in things it cant handle plus your stomach acids are mixed in with your vomit and it can get caked all over your teeth and wear them down (so theres another reason mom kept telling us to brush our teeth after we threw up)

How do you get back a wild puffle?

you cant once it goes back to the wild you cant get it back!

How fast can a jellyfish go?

you cant miles per hour in the water its called knotts ..... go back to 7th grade

How can you get a larger butt and bigger bust and a flat stomach and big hips?

neither senario is possible for everyone. you cant decide how your body will store fat. be happy when youre healthy. people are built differently.

Where can smooth muscle be found?

blood vessel walls-LZthe stomach. it is an involuntary muscle and you cant control your stomach.

Is raw egg healthy for consumption?

Um, its not too healthy but it doesnt mean you cant have it once in a while

Can a person live with out the stomach?

No!You cant because if you did not have a stomach where would the food go? You couldn't just poop out solid food!

Can you show me a Picture of a stomach?

I have pain in the upper area of my stomach whe i breath an dI cant stand up straight

Does bread swell in your tummy?

No, bread cant swell in your stomach😊

Why cant you eat raw flour?

it's like a glue in your stomach

How do you inherit irregular heartbeat?

you cant your born healthy (i think)

How do you turn ShinegraymonRM back to Shinegraymon?

well you cant once you have evolved it you cant change it back

What do schools do to promote healthy active lifestyles?

they cant change kids lifestyle but they can educated kids on how to keep healthy.

What does disabilty mean?

a person that cant function right or a person that cant do one that a normal person / healthy person can do

What would happen if you eat a tick?

It will die as it cant survive in the stomach acid.

What happens to the stomach when you are very hungry?

you become no longer hungry and cant eat

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