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Hope this ain't it: About half the time, running the car out of gas causes the fuel pump (which is in the gas tank, and lubricated by fuel) to burn out. If you didn't fry the fuel pump, there's two other equally plausible problems. The first is that just before you ran out of gas you vacuumed all the crud off the floor of your gas tank and sent it to the engine (so you'll need a new fuel filter); the second is that you've got an air lock in the lines, which is keeping fuel from coming forward. The second is fixed by a mechanic with a machine that can suck fuel through the lines without burning the car down. In more recent car with fuel injection, running out of gas can't be fixed by filling the tank. You may have to check with your dealer, who will have to "reset" the fuel injection system for you.

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2008-03-18 02:44:06
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Q: Why can't you get your 1992 accord that ran out of gas to start?
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