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Why can't you get your car out of park?

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The key lock, steering wheel and shifter are all designed to work together. Make sure the wheel isn't jammed and will not allow the release of the shifter when the key is on. Also, many cars have a device that locks the shifter until the brake pedal is depressed. Could also be damaged linkage or transmission.

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When key cant come out of ignition?

car thinks it's not in park

How do you get your car out of park when its cold?

i cant get my car out of parkwhen its cold replaced the brake switch still dont work

Why cant you take your car out of park?

On a newer car, the car's brake must be applied to get out of park. Most cars will not go out of park if the key is not in the "on" position. It may stick if it's very cold outside. In an older car, parking on a hill can cause the shift lever to stick in park. To avoid the last one, apply the parking brake before shifting into park when parking your car on a hill. To get the car unstuck from a car in park on a hill, rock the car up the hill while pulling the shifter.

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