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Why can't you just seem to get over a guy?

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Because at some level, you just don't want to. It takes time and it's good to be a little reflective while you "get over" him. Think about what caused you to like him. Think about the things that you would have different about him. Then next time, be more selective. Pick someone who doesn't have the characteristics that you don't like. And even more important, be careful about who you go out with. If you are one of the people who falls in love easily it would be best to not let yourself be in the position where you might be attracted to a guy if he's not the type that will treat you with respect and give you the security that you need. sometime you think about all the good times you had and if you really wanted to get over him you can you just dont want to. you are telling yourself you want to but if you still care about him its going to take sometime. just put your mind and heart into it!!!!

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Ive gone out with this guy 42 times and i cnt seem to get over him and what makes it worse is that he flirts with me al the time Ive tried getting other bfs but noones interested in me what do i do?

look your just like my friend she cant get over some guy on the computer i always tell that there could be better guys out there just keep looking !

How do you make a guy drool over you?

Some guys just dont drool over girls, lol. For example, im straight and I have never drooled over any girl or movie star ever. lol. Basically, you cant MAKE a guy drool over you. You also cant make a guy like you forcefully or anything.

How can you open up more to your boyfriend when you always seem to fret and then you dont open up or cant find the words to say?

maybe your just not ready for that guy

How do you move on from a guy you met on vacation and cant get over?

Meet another guy

How can you tell if a guy likes you over the internet?

you cant.

If you cant get over a guy what can you do?

Go out with a different one.

When a guy tells you he likes you but he cant tell you why he like you?

Because he cant get over his pride .

How do you keep a guy away from linking with another girl?

You cant. He lives over there and you live here. You just gotta have faith.

How do you get over a guy who was the first guy to break your heart?

the thing is.... you cant just instantly get over A GUY. you'll always have some sort of feeling for him, but you just wont admit it. Once you've found your soulmate, then maybe you'll get over "the first guy to break your heart". i can just wish you luck, and hope this gives you some truth. <3 Peace - Gio P.S. (i should know)

Why cant you get over a guy that doesn't like you?

because you keep on thinking about him..

But its probably something you cant answer well here it is whats a good reason to like a guy you cant seem to come up with why im so freakin like this guy cant stop thinkin bout him?

It could be what how ever this guy treats you different from other guys you have dated or seen. sometimes opposite attracts.

You like a guy and he likes you back but he still cant get over his ex?

Move on!

How do you make a guy crazy about me?

Buy him chocolates and,if he is alllergic to it ,just be friendly to him because you cant really make a guy crazy about you,just be kind.

How do you get over a guy when your already with a guy other than him?

Just try to think of the your guy and if you can't get over the guy then see if he still likes you

I'm a girl and there is this girl at school and you had a fight over this boy because you both like him why is she being mean?

because she is jelous and cant get the guy..... just tell her to go suck a cow and she will get over it!

How come you cant seem to get over my ex?

It's hard to get over an ex especially when they meant alot to you. I have that problem right now. I dated this great guy for about a month and then we broke up and i got back involved with the guy i was involved with before we were dating. I even cheated on my boyfriend at the time with this guy but i still had feeling's. It all depends on how much you experienced with the person and how you truly feel.

How can you get your best guy friend to like you cause you like him?

You cant make a guy like you just because you like them.

i care for him and i just want him as my husband you just dont know because he is my guy and i love him a lot i cant stop watching full house and that is my guy and i need him?

i want him as my husband and have kids and have a great life thanks

What does it mean when a guy calls you stiff legs?

it means that you just cant dance

How do you say yes to a date if a guy asks you?

you cant seem too eager... but you say something like" sure." and then you ask him when and you say okay and to give him a signal that you are not a push over you say," you pick me up at....." and then you say a time

What do guys seem most attrative?

If you are a girl most guys will seem attractive because that's just your hormones and the same goes for a guy.

Over a guy that likes your best friend?

if ur over it then good 4 u but u cant force a relatoinship

How do you get over a guy who has used you for sex an does not even like you?

just get another guy

How do you make a guy intersted in you?

you cant really make a guy intersted in you...if you like the same things as him then make sure you talk to him bout that stuff.. but you cant really make a guy like you.. your safest bet is to just be good friends with him!!!

Why cant you find a man?

You can you just have to be pacient and wait for the perfect guy for you! Good Luck!