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Why can't you open a windows media player file on an apple computer?

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Answer Follow instructions You can. You may have to download Windows Media Player or WMV player off of the internet and follow the instuctios for installing the program. Normally you have to restart the computer after adding new software or upgrades before it can be used.

By the way, why you install WMP, Macgo Free Mac Media Player could play DVD MOVIES smoothly.

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How can you watch wwwmusayoforg on an apple computer?

Install Windows Media Player components.

What is the apple equivalent to windows media player?

The closest Apple-made software to Windows Media Player is QuickTime Player, which comes installed on every Mac.

How does one find out if one has Windows Media Player 11?

One can find out if they have Windows Media Player 11 by checking their programs installed on their computer. If Windows Media Player 11 shows up, that computer has the media player.

Where can I find windows media player files on my computer?

do a search on your computer for *.wma .wma - windows media audio

Will using Windows Media Player not using the internet or a CD slow down your computer?

Using windows media player instead will not slow your computer down

What is media center in windows media center?

Windows Media Center acts as a kind of central gathering for all of the media programs that you have on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

Is windows media player compatible with apple ipod?

No iTunes only

How do you transfer itune songs to windows media player?

all you have to do is transfer you music on to a disc then open up windows media player and put CD in computer. then go to rip and you can then put it on windows media player.

Is window media player considered a computer hardware?

Windows Media Player is a piece of software - not hardware.

Is Windows Media Player considered to be computer hardware?

No, it is software!

Is a windows media player an example of computer hardwarE?

No it is software

Can you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?

Yes, if you download it to the computer, it can play on Media player.

How can you install windows 98 media player 10 on your computer?

It is not possible to install Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 98. The last version that will work is version 9.

What version of Windows media player do you have?

Windows media player 11 and i want Windows Media Player back!

How do you rip a CD on windows explorer?

Use your Windows Media Player. It can rip CDs to your computer.

Were can you find a music player for my computer?

you can go to windows media

Why doesn't an ipod show up in windows media player?

You must have the program iTunes to sync songs to your computer to your iPod. You can download iTunes from the Apple website.

How do you copy songs from a shared library to your local library in windows media player?

click on rip and tick the one's you whant--- NOT TRUE:This is the real answer:[[How do you transfer music from windows media player from one computer to another computer]]How do you transfer music from windows media player from one computer to another computerRead more: How_do_you_transfer_music_from_windows_media_player_from_one_computer_to_another_computer

where can i download windows media player?

To download the windows media player, you should go to the Microsoft windows web page and download it from there windows media player download windows media player download

What media player does Windows 7 have?

Windows 7 has the Windows Media player.

Which is the default media player for Windows Xp?

windows media player and media player classic

How do you get a video from your Windows Media Player to your Windows Movie Maker?

You have to download video to your computer before you can import it into Windows Movie Maker. You can't simply drag and drop it into the program from Media Player. Find the 'source video' on your computer and import it from there.

Can Windows Media Player be used on a Mac?

The media player on the Windows application only allows Windows media to play on the system. It is built into the computer operating system. However Mac has an optional download that enables Windows application to be used on their system.

What are some alternatives to VMware Player?

Some alternatives to VMware Player are players such as the Apple Media player as well as Windows Media player. These are great alternative with funky features !

Can I install the 2 older versions of Windows Media Player from Windows XP on Windows 7 or Windows 8?

On Windows XP as well as the default Windows Media Player 9,there are also two hidden older versions of Windows Media Player. These are Windows Media player 6.4 that can be found under file name Mplay2 and Windows Media player 5.1 which can be found under Mplayer32. And some people prefer the older versions of Windows Media player to the latest version Windows Media player 9,10 or 11 on Windows XP.Or Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista and Windows Media player 11 or 12 on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows Media player 6.4 Mplay2 does not work on Windows Vista,or Windows 7 or Windows 8. It only works on Windows XP. But Windows Media Player 5.1 Mplayer32 does work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and also on Windows Vista. To install Windows Media Player 5.1 on Windows 7 or Windows 8. you need to have a Windows XP computer. Then on Windows XP you need to go to Windows/system32 folder on C drive and copy the mplayer32 exe file to your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Once you have copied the mplayer32 program file onto Windows 7 or Windows 8,copy and paste the program file in the Windows/system 32 folder. Windows Media player 5.1 Mplayer32 is now installed on Windows 7 or Windows 8. And will play video and audio files without any problems. And will run alongside the latest version of Windows Media player Just like it does on Windows XP. And the above method also works for Windows Vista.