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Why can't you put a BOV on a non-turbo car?

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Because the bov requires pressure in the intake system to work, this pressure comes from the turbo, no turbo on your car no pressure in your intake system to work one.

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Can you put a BOV on your automatic vtec engine car?

sure, as long as the car has a turbocharger, and you source the vacuum/boost for the BOV from the intake manifold.

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Can you put a blowoff valve on an stock 2002 Audi a4 1.8t?

yes you can, just replace the stock diverter valve and throw the bov in there

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Can you put a blow off valve on a vw golf 2007 gt tsi 170bhp?

Yes you can!! BOV for Golf GT 1.4 TSI Engine

Why cant you put a blow off valve on a non turbo car?

You could mount it, but there is no pressure to blow off.

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Can you fit a BOV on a non-turbo 2200cc v-tec?

Where would you put a blow off valve on a non turbo, and what would it blow off? So the answer is no.

Can you put a vr4 engine in your 94 nonturbo 3000gt and if so can regular mechanic put it in?

yes you can because I have a vr=4 engine in my 3000gt but the thing is you have to get the wiring harness and brain from the vr-4 engine if not it wont work. Also yes normal peoplecan put it in just take your time.

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