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You cant read the old files because ME and XP are two different operating systems. An operating system is the system a computer uses to read and receive information. With out and operating system you wouldn't even be able to turn on your computer. The best thing you can do is to see if you can convert your data. A computer service center might be able to help you. In the future I suggest you pick and operating system that will be around for a while. Like XP yes they now have Vista but XP was the lastest version for almost seven years.

AnswerThink about it?

Windows ME .vs Windows XP

First thing...

1. Two totally different OS's 2. The .dll's are no were need the same 3. XP is a true OS, unlike ME which is nothing but a enhancement to Windows 98

The only way your ME drive is going to work as a slave to a OS is if you use Windows 98, I cannot see it working with Windows XP at all.

AnswerPut the windows ME drive in a hard drive enclosure, which turns it into a USB external drive.

Then you can read any file that is on the drive.

You can get them at www.newegg.com real reasonable.

keyword "sabrent"

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How can you set the jumpers on your hard drive?

first Hard drive is Master and additional will be set to slave.

How you can make slave or master hard drive?

There are jumpers on the drive itself that can be configured to set it up as a master or a slave. Refer to your hard drive's documentation for the pins to use for these configurations.

What are Hard Drive Configuration?

Hard Drive configuration is used to define the Slave and master Hard Drive. When we are attaching more than one hard drive the configuration is used. Configuration is done by jumper setting which is available in back side of hard drive...1st two pins for master hard drive and last pins are slave..

When installing a hard drive and a CD rom drive in the same IDE channel which do you configure as the master and which as the slave?

It would be best to configure the CD drive as the Master and have the hard drive set to slave. This configuration normally allows the CD drive to function when hard drive is not bootable on a single channel IDE.

What are the slave hard drive?

If you add an additional HD to your computer, the second drive becomes the slave drive because the computer must boot from the Master drive

Why install master and slave hard drive in motherboard?

Master and Slave configuration is necessary for motherboard in order to choose right disk to boot from.

If a single hard disk is attached on a primary IDE channel what should the jumper be set to?

master if the ide cable has a single drive connection. if the ide cable has the master and slave connection. then set the drive to master with slave.

Which of the two drives should be the master the CD drive or the hard drive?

There is no requirement that one or the other is the Master or Slave, as long as one of them is (if they are on the same cable.)

What should you keep in mind when installing hard drives?

a PATA drive has master and slave settings

What type of hard drive do you have to set a master and slave jumper for?

Some IDE drives have a master/slave jumper, but a significant number of IDE drives defaulted to a "cable select" setting where the drive would determine for itself whether it was the master or the slave by which of the two sockets on the cable it was plugged into.

How do you install a hard drive from one computer to another computer as a slave drive?

More information: The master computer is an Emachines computer model number W3622 The current master hard drive is model number ST380815A5 The computer I am extrating this hard drive from is a Compaq Presario Prod#PW791AA The soon to be slave drive is model number ST340015A ------ I need novice directions on how to add this to my computer starting from scratch. I have the soon to be slave hard drive removed from the Compaq, but I need to know how to put it into the Emachines computer and make it the slave drive. You can also contact me on AIM. My screen name is ThePrepH8er1990.

I can't access a user account in win xp on the slave hard drive there is no password on this account and I can access the others whats happening?

By default the computer boots the XP installation on the Master hard disk. If you need to access the slave system change slave to master.

If you have an existing hard drive and want to install a second hard drive and you want to keep the first drive bootable as the bootable drive how should you configure the second hard drive?

If the Hard drive is IDE (40 pins on the back) you would configure the primary hard drive as Master and secondary hard drive as Slave using the jumpers on the back of the hard drive.

If a CD drive and a hard drive are sharing the same data cable in a computer system what type of connection is the CD drive using?

It is using the EIDE connection. The book says that if you have a hard drive and a CD that the hard drive should be the master and the CD will be the slave.

How do you recover data from RAW hard drive?

To recover data from a RAW hard drive the hard drive must be intact in some way. Connect the damaged hard drive as the slave drive and another hard drive that is in working order as the master drive. This should allow for file transfer as long as the RAW drive is not too far damaged.

What does the slave and master and the rest of the things for a hard drive mean?

To allow for two drives on the same cable, IDE uses a special configuration called master and slave. This configuration allows one drive's controller to tell the other drive when it can transfer data to or from the computer. What happens is the slave drive makes a request to the master drive, which checks to see if it is currently communicating with the computer. If the master drive is idle, it tells the slave drive to go ahead. If the master drive is communicating with the computer, it tells the slave drive to wait and then informs it when it can go ahead. The computer determines if there is a second (slave) drive attached through the use of Pin 39 on the connector. Pin 39 carries a special signal, called Drive Active/Slave Present (DASP), that checks to see if a slave drive is present. Although it will work in either position, it is recommended that the master drive is attached to the connector at the very end of the IDE ribbon cable. Then, a jumper on the back of the drive next to the IDE connector must be set in the correct position to identify the drive as the master drive. The slave drive must have either the master jumper removed or a special slave jumper set, depending on the drive. Also, the slave drive is attached to the connector near the middle of the IDE ribbon cable. Each drive's controller board looks at the jumper setting to determine whether it is a slave or a master. This tells them how to perform. Every drive is capable of being either slave or master when you receive it from the manufacturer. If only one drive is installed, it should always be the master drive. Many drives feature an option called Cable Select (CS). With the correct type of IDE ribbon cable, these drives can be auto configured as master or slave. CS works like this: A jumper on each drive is set to the CS option. The cable itself is just like a normal IDE cable except for one difference -- Pin 28 only connects to the master drive connector. When your computer is powered up, the IDE interface sends a signal along the wire for Pin 28. Only the drive attached to the master connector receives the signal. That drive then configures itself as the master drive. Since the other drive received no signal, it defaults to slave mode.

Difference between Master and Slave hard Drive?

When connecting to IDE drives (whether they be hard disk drives or optical drives) on the same cable, the computer needs to be able to tell them apart. When using a 40 wire IDE cable, you have to identify one drive as Master and the other as Slave. You do this by positioning the jumpers on the end of the drive according to the diagram on the drive itself. When using an 80 wire cable, set the jumpers on both drives to the 'cable select' position and their Master and Slave classifications will be determined by their position on the cable.

How do you put windows xp and windows vista on two hard drives?

You can't. If your computer has multiple hard drives you need to designate one as a master and the other as a slave. The master (or main hard drive) stores and uses the preferrred operating system while the slave serves as primarily data storage. If you put even the same operating system on the hard drives the computer will either hang or crash because it will try to run "multiple instances" of the operating system because it cant differentiate which drive is the master and which is slave regardless of how they are hooked up. The same holds true for using different operating systems on the same machine (Vista and XP). Choose which operating system you really want, install it on the master hard drive, and designate the other as a slave (with NO operating system files on it whatsoever) - its the only way to do it. In order to use both XP and Vista you need two separate computers.

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