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Why can't you read your old ME hard drive slave from an XP master?


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September 13, 2011 10:38PM

You cant read the old files because ME and XP are two different operating systems. An operating system is the system a computer uses to read and receive information. With out and operating system you wouldn't even be able to turn on your computer. The best thing you can do is to see if you can convert your data. A computer service center might be able to help you. In the future I suggest you pick and operating system that will be around for a while. Like XP yes they now have Vista but XP was the lastest version for almost seven years.


Think about it?

Windows ME .vs Windows XP

First thing...

1. Two totally different OS's 2. The .dll's are no were need the same 3. XP is a true OS, unlike ME which is nothing but a enhancement to Windows 98

The only way your ME drive is going to work as a slave to a OS is if you use Windows 98, I cannot see it working with Windows XP at all.


Put the windows ME drive in a hard drive enclosure, which turns it into a USB external drive.

Then you can read any file that is on the drive.

You can get them at real reasonable.

keyword "sabrent"