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Because you have to buy a DVD player that you can install.

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How do you watch videos on LimeWire?

You cant

Why cant i watch YouTube videos?

Go to

How do you make a minecraft server at school?

If you own a school laptop you probably can't because it would probably be access denied. But if you cant, watch youtube videos for instructions.

How do you do Solja Boy if you cant watch videos online?

If you can't do watch videos, go to a friends house and wacth it. Or just ask them how to do it.

How do you download videos off of

you cant you can only watch them

Can we watch YouTube videos on Nokia Asha 200?

no you cant

Why you cant play HQ videos in your laptop on YouTube?

I believe you can, however your problem may be because of your internet connection or your laptop is unable to play High Quality/Definition videos.

Can you download movies on DSI XL?

You cant download movies or watch movies or watch videos and you cant play games on dsi xl:(

Use of mobile and abuse of mobile?

uses- u can watch videos (u must have understood what kind of videos) abuse- in uncoloured mobiles u cant watch videos (again u know what kind of videos)

I cant watch videos on YouTube?

just go to google chrome ok

How do you watch videos on a dsi?

you cant watch videos on youtube so go to this site on your dsi and click on animations and scrool down and wola but no sound have fun watching videos bye bye OR you can go to to watch videos like mythbusters ncis the simpsons starwars clips and more!

What happens if you cant watch a video on lockerz?

you can just invite people for ptz, but do you have flash player, cause you need it to watch the videos

On YouTube on an iPad you cant watch official music videos why is that?

Cuz the iPad doesn't have Adobe Flashplayer but if you want to watch official videos you should download the free 'VEVO' app. All the official music videos are there! Hope I helped :)

How cani watch videos on your virgin mobile phone?

if your phone is virgin mobile and it is a smart phone like a android or a lg rumor touch then it lets you watch for instant youtube videos if is not a smart phone then sorry you cant watch youtube

Does YouTube watch you?

no it doesn't people just put videos on youtube they cant see okay :D

Im trying to watch Zombieland on your new laptop but you cant get it to play the movie anyone know how to do it?

I myself have a Dell Laptop. I downloaded Power DVD. It worked for me.

Why cant you play videos on google with out going to the website for them?

If a video that you want to watch in on your computer then go ahead and watch it. Videos on any other computers, such as Googles, need to be downloaded from there to your computer if you are unhappy or unable to watch the video on someone else's computer.

If you live in Australia you cant watch horseland on kewlcartoon so is there anywhere else to watch it?

Try YouTube, people have posted tons of Horseland videos there. :)

Why cant you watch videos?

You dont have the Software needed (Adobe Flash Player or HTML)Your Computer is very slow.

How do you watch videos of nudity?

you cant ? so you might wannna go to RedTube youll like that much better(:

How can you watch videos and movies from USB on kenwood ddx 7032?

no you cant. only when using ipod/iphone or dvd

How do you skip videos in Halo Combat Evolved?

sorry dude you CANT skip the cutscenes... all you have to do is listen and watch.

How do you download songs and movies?

You neEd to download a programme like iTunes and from there you can download games songs and videos to watch on an apple device or on the computer or laptop

Why can't I read yahoo videos?

u dont read videos, u watch them you watch videos! you dont read them

Why is youtube a useful website?

You can watch videos like "How to..." or just watch videos for fun