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Cactus will rot if they do not get a chance to dry out after being exposed to water.

They evolved in dry climates and have not developed any self protection against dangerous organisms that thrive in dampness.

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What will happen if you put a cactus in a pond?

A cactus placed in a pond would die of root rot and lack of oxygen.

Will cactus survive in Kansas?

Some species of cactus do survive in parts of Kansas.

How does the desert help the cactus survive?

The desert does not help the cactus survive. The cactus survives despite the desert due to its adaptations..

Why does not cactus survive in north?

no,a cactus can't survive in northpole because it will become frozen and it would die. Cactus can almostly survive in any climate. In northpole it is very cold and the cactus is not adapted to low temperatures. Cactus need warmth and in northpole there is freezing weather and freezing water, cactus can't survive in northpole.

How does the cactus survive?

A cactus can hold water inside of it. :)

How does cactus survive in extreme heat?

there is water inside the cactus shell

Can a cactus survive in the hottest part of the desert?

yes a cactus will survive because it stores water in its trunk for when it needs it most

How does a cactus survive high temperatures in the desert?

becar many yuse cactus survive in low water also and they can survive without water for many years

Can red ear slider survive in outside pond in winter?

Yes a turtle can survive in an outside pond in winter.

Did cactus survive in the north?

Yes, some species of cactus can survive quite far north and are able to tolerate all but the coldest of temperatures.

Why does a root of a cactus help it to survive in its normal habitat?

because it helps bring precipitation to the cactus...

How does the leaves of the cactus help it to survive?

The Leaves of Cactus are prickly and sharp. Cactus have leaves like this to prevent predators and other animals to eat them.

What is in the cactus that enables it to live?

A cactus can store water in its fleshy stem and this enables it to survive periods of drought.

Why cactus are found in Atacama Desert?

it is because cactus can survive in the desert so it is found in Atacama Desert.

Why shark cant survive in pond?

#1. a pond is fresh water#2. a pond usually is to small#3. a pond doesn't have the food that sharks eat

Can flowers survive without water?

No. Although cactus do survive with some of the smallest amounts of water.

How does the cactus survive in the summer and winter?

they reflect there body from the cold but they may die in the summer survive

How does a spine on a cactus help it to survive?

they always absorb sunlight, and sorry no other answers. Never touch a cactus!

What would happen if a cactus is planted in a temperate rainforest in northern California?

there will be a little change because the cactus will not survive

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