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Why can i hear my starter spinning and the motor not turn over?

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If the starter is spinning but not engaging the flywheel it will not turn the engine over. This is due to the starter drive not engaging properly. The starter could possibly be rebuilt, but it may wind up being cheaper to just replace it with a remanufactured unit from your local parts house.

2006-08-24 20:24:05
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Q: Why can i hear my starter spinning and the motor not turn over?
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You just had your starter rebuild you can hear starter motor spinning but the car motor will not turn over you turned the car motor over by using a socket on the crank pulley it turn over easy?

The problem is in the starter drive (sometimes called bendix). Take the starter back to wherever it was rebuilt and have it repaired or exchanged.

If a 1993 Celica ST won't start or roll start and the battery is charged full of gas fuses are good and you can hear the starter spinning what is the problem?

is the starter engaging and turning over the engine or is it just spinning? if just spinning get new starter. if it is turning over the engine, have your ignition switch checked. if you are mechanical, the easiest way to check swith is to hot wire the engine and see if it starts

How do you know if your stater is bad on a 1993 Toyota 4runner?

If you hear the starter spinning but not turnover it over. Or if the starter just clicks when you try to turn it over. If anything you can just take it out and have your local auto parts store test it.

When 1997 Saturn sl starter clicks?

The single click, that you hear when the starter switch is operated, is the solenoid making the high tension connection to the starter motor. If the starter motor doesn't turn over, you will need to check both the battery feed to the solenoid and the feed from the solenoid to the starter motor (this is typically a short length of braided cable). I have known this cable to corrode through. If it has, the easiest remedy, is to replace the entire starter motor.

96 ford escort will not start battery has a full charge It will not turn over but you hear a click?

it is your starter motor sticking, or could be your alternator but i think it is defo your starte motor.

If you have power going to the coil and starter but the engine does not turn over where is the problem?

does the motor if no possible locked up engine..try spinning it by hand..correct size socket on front crank bolt turning clockwise.. possible bad starter motor does the starter engage when the key is in the crank possition. if the motor does crank your looking at a fuel or ignition problem

How do you get a 90 Mazda MPV to turn over?

Is it doing anything at all when you turn the key? If not, then most likely it's either a dead battery, loose/corroded battery connections, or loose/corroded starter motor connections. Less common but possible is the ignition key switch. If you hear a fast spinning sound but the engine itself does not turn over, then your starter motor is not engaging the flywheel and you will need to replace either the starter motor (more likely) or flywheel (less likely). Pray it's neither one of those, but sometimes you can get a sticky starter to work temporarily by rapping it a couple times with a hammer...IF you can reach it on these MPVs...

Your starter turns over but engine does not?

broken tooth on the fly wheel if your starter is turning over and not just spining what's wrong if the starter's just spinning?

Why won't my car turn over but just clicks?

It will probably be your starter motor Starter is out!

Why wont my f150 turn over?

starter is out, motor is locked up or your starter solenoid is out.

Why do cars start when you turn the key?

The ignition lock has several positions; Off/locked, off, accessory, on, and start. The start position is what is called a 'momentary' switch, in that it will not stay in that position. When holding the key in the 'start' position, the battery sends current to the solenoid, which switches the current to the starter motor. When the starter motor is energized, the solenoid pushes the gear on the starter motor shaft forward to engage the ring gear on the flywheel of the engine, allowing the starter motor to turn the crankshaft. On Ford vehicles, the solenoid only switches the current to the starter motor, and the motor spinning throws a gear forward to engage the ring gear. In either case, turning the key energizes the starter motor, which turns the engine over.

What does a car need to start?

A charged battery (usually 12 volts) is needed to turn over the starter motor when the ignition key is turned momentarily. The spinning starter motor will start the vehicle's engine. On older vehicles a starting handle could have been used, but modern cars don't use starting handles.

How do you know if an engine has seized?

It will not turn over on the starter motor.

What is an engine flywheel?

A flywheel is on the outside of the motor, typically has fins on it, it is weighted to keep the inertia of the motor spinning to help crank the motor over

Why is the starter just making a whining noise and not engaging the flywheel to turn over motor?

the starter is bad.

What could cause your motor not to turn over if you have a new battery and new starter?

Could be the starter relay

How do you know if the starter needs to be replaced?

When the starter motor refuses to turn over or grinds and clicks when turning then you need a new motor or recondition the old one.

What makes a car turn on?

A starter motor turns the engine initially whilst fuel is vapourised in the rotating cylinders and ignited, taking over from the starter motor.

What is the cog called on a motor that the starter slides into that cranks over?

A bendix.

Why starter used for induction motor?

to over come the back emf

Why won't my 98 ford explorer start with jump could that be the starter?

if the motor is spinng over then starter is ok

How the starter motor works?

Electric current from the battery spins the starter motor over, the starter gear on the end of the motor shaft spins around and forward about an inch to engage the gearing on the rim of the flywheel. This turns and when speed is up it throws the starter gear back to it's rest position.

Why would a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville not turn over or do anything at all anybody?

if engine will not turn over, check fuses first. then check battery, starter motor, starter motor solenoid and ignition switch

What is a starter motor?

A small electric motor used to turn an internal combustion over to get the larger engine running.

Will a faulty cut out relay on a ford escort 1.9 prevent it from starting the car or turning over the starter?

no if it wont turn over its either the starter motor or the starter relay in the fuse box