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What are you if you believe in god?

A deist or theist.

What are deists?

Deists are people who believe in one God. A deist accepts the idea of God as creator of the universe. A deist, however, does not believe that God interferes with natural events.

Is tu PAC Muslim?

2pac was a deist. A deist is someone who believes in God, but rejects organized religion.

What was Thomas Edisons religion?

Thomas Edison was a Deist. Deist believe that there is a God, but do not believe in events such as miracles.

What did the Deist faith embraced?

that god exists.

What do you call a person who maintains that God exists?

Believer; deist; theistDeist - believes in an impersonal, distant GodTheist - believes in a personal God (for example, that God hears our prayers)See also:Any proofs?

Deis one who believes in god?

The word is not "Dies", but it is "Deist". A Deist is one who believe that there is a God. Some of our nation's (i.e. the United States of America's) founding fathers were Deists; some were Christian. A Deist may not subscribe to any particular creed or doctrine but he/she simply believes that there does exist a God.

What did Deists living during the European enlightenment believe in?

A deist is a person who believes in a all powerful God, but not in a particular God from any one religion. George Washington was a deist.

Was John Adams an atheist?

Adams was raised as a congregrationist but was probably Deist later in life; a Deist believes the universe was created by a god but that god does not take any part in existence since that creation.

What is an Agnostic Deist?

An Agnostic Deist is someone who believes it is impossible to prove that god exists (agnosticism) yet believes that god does exist but does not intervene in human affairs (deism). It is a combination of agnostic theism and deism.

What does a Deist Believe?

A Deist believes that there absolutely is an almighty "God" or "Creator" of the cosmos, but not necessarily that this said "God" or "Creator" belongs to any one religion. Here is a great resource:

What are you if you do believe in god not religion?

At the least, you'd be a deist. You would certainly be spiritual.

What word describes a person who believes in God but does not have a Reason and it is not a catholic because they have a reason?

A Deist.

What do you call a person that maintains that god created the universe and all of its natural law's but god dose not interfere with those laws?


What is the difference between theist and deist?

Deists believe that God does not interfere with the world; theists believe that God continues to control the world everyday.

Did Aristotle believe that god created the univese?

Yes, although he was a deist, meaning that he didn't believe god watched over earth or should be worshipped.

Who is like god me or you?

There is nobody like God.

What religion did Thomas Jefferson follow?

Jefferson was a Deist (believes in God but thinks He doesn't care about humans anymore).

Was Alexander pope a deist?

yes he was... he believed in God. God as a creator and humans in control of their own lives seeking for salvation. An Essay on Man is the proof of his deism.

Description of god?

God is a spirit and nobody has seen him.

How are Confucianism and Islam similar?

Both believe in One God, however, Confucianism's view of God is more like that of a Deist view, whereas Islam believes that God Revealed Himself to humanity.

Who is the god on Poptropica?


Who is the god of god?

No one is the God of God. I guess god couldnt have a god because nobody was there to make him!

Was Tupac Shakur a Christian?

No, he was a Deist. Tupac might be described as "someone who believes in God but rejects organized religion." However, this is not the definition of a Deist. The simplest definition of a Deist is one who believes in a clockwork god - that is, a god who created everything and then stepped back to let creation run its course, intervening rarely if at all. This is opposed to a Theist, who believes God is actively involved in His creation.

When did you become a god?

Nobody except Jesus Christ or god and that is it