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After one enters the egg or ovum seals itself. The other sperm will die.


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The egg cell can only bind with one sperm cell. Immediately after the binding the cell wall changes.

The jelly coat makes sure that only one sperm cell can enter the egg cell.

A single sperm will enter the egg and fertilisation takes place.

An egg only allows one sperm to enter and is fertilized by that one sperm: 2 cannot enter.

Only one sperm fertilises an egg in normal cases, abnormally there are chances of fertilization by 2 or more sperm cells but such a zygote usually does not survive.

the sperm goes to it when having(after) sex(it takes time for the sperm to actually enter the egg.)

About 10000 sperm cells are ejaculated but only 1 can fertilize an egg cell.

Only one sperm cell can penetrate the egg. As soon as one sperm cell enters the egg, its membrane changes and no more sperm cells can get through.

the mitochondria in a sperm cell is found right under the nucleus or the part of the cell that has to enter the egg to make a baby.

when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell it fertilizes the egg cell

the egg cell is one of the largest cells in the body. the nucleus contains genetic information about the mother. there is a large store of food in the vacuoles. only one sperm can enter the egg cell any more sperm will be stopped from entering hope this is helpful holly x

A sperm or egg alone can not develop into a new individual. Only an egg fertilized by a sperm does.

When a sperm cell joins an egg cell the resulting sperm-egg hybrid is called a zygote.

Well, it has a strong, not very permeable membrane. This is so the sperm cell find it harder to penetrate and only one (usually) can enter.

So that the sperm can break through to fertalise the egg.Because it enters to egg cell through its head only. The enzymes present at the top of its head facilitate the penetration of sperm in the egg cell.

Only one sperm will fertilize the egg but millions will eat the egg so that one can enter but no one knows why its only one

the egg is larger than the sperm cell

The joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell is called fertilization

Fertilization... Is when the Sperm cell unites with the Egg cell...

Only one gets to do this.

When a sperm enters the egg it is called fertilization.Note: ONE sperm enters ONE egg. However, many sperm may TRY to enter one egg; only 1 succeeds.

The process when an egg cell and a sperm cell COMBINE is called Fertilization

Fertilization is the union of the sperm cell and egg cell.

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