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You mean give it up for adoption, I assume? I'll tell you the same thing I told someone else on this board: Most states, and I feel pretty certain it's *every* state have laws against this. No one can force you to give your child up for adoption. Teenage parents have the same rights as adult parents in regard to the right to have custody of their children. A minor's consent to give up her parental rights and allow the child to be adopted must be "voluntary, intelligent, and deliberate." If the teenager's consent to allow her child to be adopted is forced by her parents, or anyone else, then such consent will not be valid. If your parents are trying to force you do this, then call Legal Aid and ask to speak with someone about the rights of teenage parents. However, while your parents can not force you to give up your baby, they are also not responsible for taking care of/financially providing for your baby. Can you do that? This child will need clothes, diapers, formula, medical care, daycare (so that you can attend school and/or work), etc. That's a lot of expense. Do you have the money for that? You've made a adult mistake here by getting pregnant, so now you have to make an adult decision. The decision of rather or not to give the child up for adoption should be based on what's *best for the child* not what you want. Parents have been through the teen years, made their fare share of mistakes, and witnessed many things that give them wisdom. As a teen, you may think that taking responibility for your baby means to raise it on your own no matter how hard. Well, I am 17 and thought the same thing 8 months ago when I found out I was pregnant. You need to consider what responsibility means. Im sure you're a strong person who could raise a child with lots of determination. But, why not give this baby to a very capable family who knows what responibility is and maybe cant even have children of their own. A baby needs love, support, and nurturing and dont forget they take time and money.Tteens dont have a stable career that give them time and money to raise a baby. The most grown up and responible thing you can do is to give this baby to a family who you know can take care of him/her, and give her the wonderful life that he/she deserves. Not the mediocre life that you could barely give to him/her. Just think about whats best for your baby and also whats best for you. You need to get through school so that one day when you have another chance to bring a beautiful baby into this world (when your grown, and more capable).. you will have the type of job that can pay to take care fo a baby. And it will make your baby proud to have you as a mother. they cant make u give up ur baby in any way its totally ur decision dont let them trick u and tell u different

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Q: Why can parents make you give up your baby when you want to take responsibility for it?
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Can a 13 year old make decisions for her baby?

Yes, she can, but her parents still have parental responsibility for her

What if you where 17 and pregnant can your parents make you give your baby up?

no. your parents cannot make you give YOUR child up. you have rights too.

Can parents of pregnant 16 year old send her to a home and make her give up baby?

No one can make you give up your baby as long as you can care for him/her.

Can a person's parents make them give up their baby if they are 15 and 16 in the state of COLORADO?


Do you become emancipated after delivery?

No, having a baby doesn't make one a legal adult. Until you come of age you are the parents' responsibility.

Can a 16 year old girl with a baby make her own decisions?

Everyone can make their own decisions. Whether they are allowed to act on them is another story. Having a baby does not automatically make the girl and adult. It does give her certain rights to look after the child and make sure she and the child are safe. It does not relieve her parents of their responsibility to take care of her.

How do you teach your child to give an offering at church?

You can teach him to make an offering to God by allowing him to give, but offering is for the parents responsibility not the child.The child has no work to earn money yet.

Is a 16 year old mother able to move out of her parents house without parental consent?

Not without the permission of the parents. The ability to have a baby does not make one an adult. The minor remains the responsibility of the parents until they reach the age of majority.

Can a person's parents make them give up their baby if they are 15 and 16 in the state of Louisiana?

No. The minor has the legal right to their child

Can a parent make a 13 year old give their baby up for adoption?

Nope, you have to sign the papers. If you don't the child is yours. Parents can't make you give away your child.

How do you make a baby calm down?

If your baby is crying and he likes light give him his pacifier and tell him to look at the light and he will look at it and will start laughing. Parents best know which thing attracts their baby. Strategy can vary from baby to baby.

Can your parents make you give your baby up for adoption?

No they can not. In the case of being a minor parent the minors have the same rights as adults to decide.

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