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Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

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Why do astronauts use radio waves instead of sound waves to communicate in space?

sound needs something to travel through and space has no air for it to travel

Why can't we communicate in outer space?

We can if we use radio. Without it, sound waves can't travel through space because there is no air for it to travel through.

Why do astronauts use radio while talking to each other in outer space?

Sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space, but radio waves can.

Does sound travel faster through space or room temperature?

sound does not travel through space because sound needs medium to travel..

Which gases does sound travel through?

Sound can travel as long as there is something for it to travel through. This could be a gas (such as air), a liquid (such as water) or a solid (such as a metal). In outer space there is no air for the sound to travel though, so astronauts can not talk with each other unless they use a radio. Radio waves and light waves can travel through space, that is why we are able to receive light from the sun. Source: www.examville.com

What waves can travel through space?

Light waves do, but sound waves cannot, because in space is no medium to carry the vibration. Radio, TV and others can travel in space also.

Why do astronauts use radios to communicate during space walks?

Sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space, but radio waves can.

Which do not travel through empty space?

sound cannot travel through empty space.

What type of material can travel through space?

Sound and Light can travel through space.

Why doesnt sound travel in space?

Sound waves have to travel through something. Space is a vacuum without any air for the waves to travel through. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

Can sound waves travel through the vacuum of space?

Unlike electromagnetic waves such as radio and television or light which can travel through the vacuum of space, sound waves travel by the compression and decompression of molecules in the medium through which they are passing. The medium must be compressible, whether it be gas, liquid or solid, and there are none of these in the vacuum of space.

Why is it impossible for sound to travel through outer space?

In outer space there is no air medium for travelling of sound waves.so it is impossible for sound to travel through outer space ..!!

Why cant sound waves travel through space?

There is no matter in space. Sound needs matter to travel.

When astronauts bang their heads togethe why can they hear that without using a radio?

Sound cannot travel through the vaccum of space, but it can travel through air and solid materials, including the visor of a space helmet.

Does sound travel through snow?

As long as theres poor space. Even without poor space sound can travel through walls.

What type of wave can't travel through space?

Sound waves cannot travel through space.

Can sound travel in outer space?

Sound is the transfer of energy through particles; there are no particles in a vacuum (space) so sound will not travel.

If a cymbal were struck in space, how do you predict the waves of sound would travel?

Since space is a vacuum, sound waves do not travel through space. Sound waves need a substance to travel through, since there is nothing in a vacuum, sound waves have nothing to travel through. Thus, a cymbal struck in space would not make an audible sound.

Can sound produced on the moon travel to the earth?

Because sound requires a medium to travel through, sound cannot travel through space because space is a vacuum. Therefore a sound produced on the moon could not travel to earth.

Does sound travel outside the earths atmosphere in space?

No sound does not travel in space. sound must travel through a medium. Space is a vacuum, no air. So therefore without air the sound waves cannot travel.

What can't sound travel through and why?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum, such as in outer space. "Sound" refers to waves of compression which travel through matter. When there is no matter, there can be no such waves, and therefore no sound.

A location that sound wave can not travel?

space. this is because sound needs matter to travel through. There is no matter in open space.

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