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Answer The ability to sing in tune is not a thing that can be taught (however can be improved)

but is an entity that is genetic. parts of the brain are specific to "singing" this comes from our ape like ancestry and is a recessive character. hence the minority of people are able to sing in the same way that there are less blonde people, the "brunette" gene is dominant. talking from a first hand perspective (having the ability to sing) i can see that it has been passed down from my mothers side of the family and very little effort if required for me, personally, to sing in tune over a wide vocal range. i am 15 years old so my voice box is not full developed and over time, my vocal range will improve and will mature.


*That is because some people do not sing from their diaphragm so they sing out their nose or throat and it doesn't come out as good.

Everybody can sing, it is only the listener who says that a person cannot sing. A person may be said to be tone deaf, but if one listens carefully to the so called "off" notes one will find that it is indeed singing. Any sequence of notes made by the voice are in themselves music. We are so used to listening to "perfectly pitched notes" that anything different is not pleasing to the ear. Each "off" note is in itself a perfectly pitched note.

Listen to an instrument playing the chromatic scale, some notes you will like while the in between notes may sound unpleasant to you, yet all are perfect.

**this also depends on the depth of your voice for example if you have a deep base voice your not going to be singing an Opera. and if you have a high soprano you wouldn't be singing a sound written for people with a deeper voice. i know this because i teach at a school as an choir teacher.

*The diaphragm provides "support" for your singing, and has to do with breath not the actual pitches produced.

**Note: Those who are bases may sing operas if they wish to. There is no law, as I know it, currently against it. Although...there are some bases who should be outlawed from singing. Namely, those who cannot sing. And although they may technically "sing" as outlined above, that does not mean that they are good at it.

To answer the question:

The ability to sing ON KEY is a talent one is born with. While the mechanics of singing can be taught, the "ear" for it cannot. Like any other talent, some people have it, some people don't.

AnswerUnless you don't have functional vocal cords, you should be able to sing. Singing doesn't necessarily mean it's on key or other folks will think it's pleasant. There are many ways to sing. Answer99.55% of the people on this planet can learn to sing, the hardest thing to develop is resonance and tone. The ear is the easiest thing to develop because all you have to do is practice listening (and try to describe what you heard)! Seriously!

Source: 3 years of college level vocal training.

Additional information:

While genetics do play a HUGE role in a person's 'range' ((the notes they can hit)) even if they can't hit the 'perfect' notes as deemed by society, the strength of one's muscles in the vocals also play an almost equally large role in one's musical range. If it's too weak, and under-excersized, then one simply wont be able to hit higher or lower notes, nor will they be able to project their voice. This is the aspect musical classes focus on, the strengthening of these vocal muscles. It is also why people who start singing early will be better singers, where-as people who started singing at a high-school choir will not be as good for a long while. The person's genetic make-up will restrict just how much your muscles can be stretched, but practice can enhance it a bit.

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Q: Why can some people sing and some cannot?
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