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mine did the same thing, I had to remove the blowning unit under the passengerside dash,, and replaced it from a junkyard,, 20 bucks,, its hard to get ini and out but with some patience you can do it

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โˆ™ 2008-01-08 20:34:15
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Q: Why can you not switch from dash vents to defrost vents in 1993 Honda accord even when air works ok?
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I have a 2004 Ford Mustang and you will just be riding along and my air conditioner will just randomly start blowing air out of my defrost vents What is going on here?

You have a vacuum leak causing your vents to switch from dash to defrost.

Where is the on off switch for flashers 2003 honda accord?

The turn signal flasher switch is mounted on the steering column left side. The hazard light flasher switch is is the red triangle mounted on the dash dead center between the A/C vents.

What is a mode switch on an Acura 3.0 cl?

Mode switch is for the climate control. It allows you to direct the airflow from your feet, to the dash vents, defrost etc.

Selector only stays on defrosted 92 buick?

If the heat selector will not switch from defrost to the dash or foot vents on a 1992 Buick, it is possible that the cable connected to the vent is broken. When the selector is moved from defrost, a cable opens the other selected vents on the heater.

How do you remove a 1992 Honda Accord dashboard?

Remove the vents and screws under the ac cluster speedometer cluster.

Why won't the air blow out the vents instead of the defrost?

You either have a bad selector switch or a bad vacuum hose at the rear of the engine.

Why won't air come through the vents?

Does air come out at defrost vents? Defrost is the default position. Check for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuated motors under the dash Check the operation of the selector switch

In your 1997 mustang the air is blowing through the defrost Why isn't it blowing through vents?

this one is easy your switch the controls the vents is not working there is a flap the closes the defrost vents so that it goes through the other vents or there is a vacumn line that is controlled by the switch, and its leaking. The vacumn line is usually on the engine side of the firewall. It is a very small plastic tube comming out of the middle of the firewall at the top and it connects to a junction with other vacumn lines. See if any of them are disconnected.

How do you fix a Honda accord's dash vents if they wont work?

it would depend on the year of the accord. Does the defrost work or the heat in the floor work if so the line for swapping control is either broke or has come off. you can check the lower side by looking in the drivers side under the dash.

'How do you fix the air conditioning and heat on a 94 Honda accord that only blows out the top and bottom vents and not through the dashboard vents?

Check for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuated motors under the dash Check the operation of the selector switch at the dash

What is wrong with 03 trailblazer climate control won't switch from feet to head vents?

If the climate control on a 2003 Trailblazer will not switch from feet to head vents, try changing it to defroster then back to head. The mode button on the dual climate control model can only be switched from face/feet to feet and then to defrost. The feet and head vents worked at the same time.

Does the heater vents on a 2004 2500 dodge diesel operate on vacuum or electric My truck only blows out of the vents on the dash occationaly it will switch to defrost for me?

The doors are electric. You most likely have a broken door inside the heater box under the dash.

Why is does the defrost on your Dodge Ram 2500 work but not the heater vents?

Check for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuated motors under the dash Check the operation of the selector switch Defrost is the default setting for this system

1990 Nissan 300zx What if the AC works but will not change from the dash vents to the floor vents or defrost wents you I have replaced the climate control switch?


Why won't the dash vents work on my 1995 Chevy Camaro but floor vents and defrost vent work fine?

When there is a problem with the vent system it dfaults to the defrost setting. Sounds like you have a problem in the doors that direct the air flow.

Why heat blows out vents only not defrost or floor?

Most likely a bad or disconnected vacuum hose to the defrost/floor selector in the heater ducting.

Why does Air conditioner work on defrost only and no front vents or floor?

Vacuum leak

What causes the front air conditioner on 1999 Lincoln navigator to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through the defrost vents?

When there is a problem in the vent system it defaults to defrost setting. Check the doors & vac supply

04 Chevy trailblazer why don't defrost and floor vents work but not face vents?

The mode door actuator has failed. We have instructions for repair at

Why do you get hot air at floor and defroster vents but only cold air at the dash vents vents in a 1995 chevyvan 20?

the middle vents only supply air from the ac unit using a separate in dash fan. the floor and defrost vents come only from the heater

What could be causing a Glue gun-like smell in cabin of your 1992 Honda Accord LX?

Over time debris and other things can collect near the heater core, its possible that something small and plastic has fallen down through the defrost vents and gets hot when the vehicle is running. You may need to disassemble the heater and remove the items and perhaps vacuum it out.

Why won't the dash vents work in my 95 Chevy Camaro but floor vent and defrost vent work fine?

the ducts can not be hooked up for the vents to work

AC vents blowing through Defrost and bottom vents 05 crown vic?

2003 crown vic air conditioning vent dont blow

Why does your trucks defrost vents start smoking?

That's probably steam from a leaky heater core.

Why AC won't blow out of dash vents just defrost vents in a 1996 buick regal?

on your car it is a defalt mode for air to blow out defrost when there is no vacumn from the engine so you should look for a broken vacum line or see if it has come unplugged on the engine.