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Q: Why can you only get two podcasts of happy tree friends on your iPod?
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Podcasts iPod nano?

Podcast will work with any ipod, including nanos. If you have nano 1st generation or 2nd generation, you can only use audio podcasts because you cant watch videos with these versions. The new 3rd generation, however, will allow you to watch video podcasts and listen to audio podcasts.

Why can't you replay podcasts on the iPod Classic they only play once then you have to download it again if you want to hear it again?

I have an iPod touch 1st gen. Im gettign the same problum.

How do you get games on iPod Nano seventh generation?

The iPod Nano 7th Gen is not an iPod Touch. This little device only has Music, Videos, Nike Fitness, Podcasts, Photos, Radio, Clock, and Settings. I'm afraid no app are avalible for this device

Where is your iPod on iTunes?

When you open iTunes on the left side of the screen there is a sidebar. If your iPod is already plugged in to the computer there is a tab called whatever you named your iPod. (only if you already synced your iPod with itunes!)If you click on that on the on the main screen there is a menu with tabs on the top. This is where you sync music, videos pictures, games, podcasts, and iTunes U. Please choose me as Best Answer! Thanks!

Will happy tree friends ever be for kids?

Only if someone makes an edited video of Happy Tree Friends (which I doubt anyone would do).

What do you do when you're only happy around your friends and boyfriend but no-one else?

well girl i can tell you sometin just make more frikin friends then ull be happy

Is a podcast only audio or is it also visual?

Traditionally podcasts are only audio, however video podcasts (also known as vodcasts or sometimes vidcasts) are becoming more popular as well.

Why did they cancel the happy tree friends tv series?

Happy Tree Friends is the greatest show ever. I know its not really 4 kids and I'm only 12 and 1/2 but the show is really really FUN and ADDICTIVE. Bring back my Happy Tree Friends.

My iPod was getting artwork mixed up so i cleared all artwork now its putting random artwork from songs no longer in my library and screenshots of podcasts with some songs what is wrong with it?

When your iPod mixed up the artwork, the only thing you have to do is de rebuild the database on your iPod, the easy way to do that is with MediaMonkey, it's a free program which can organise your iPod, in the program you rightclick on your iPod and click on the item (Rebuild Device Database) it takes about a half hour for 43Gb of data on my iPod, after that the artwork was correct again! regards Harnoldavidson

Is ballet shoes on iTunes?

No it is not, only podcasts/interviews are available.

Is a iPod touch a cellphone?

No, the iPod Touch is not a cellphone. The iPod Touch is an iPod, which is an mp3/4 player. Good answer but, with the new iPod Touch (4G) you can use FaceTime to call your friends with free HD video! Though the inconvienents of this are: - You can only call in WiFi. - You can only call someone who has a iPhone 4 or the same iPod as you (the 4G) So my answer would be yes, it is in someway a cellphone only with a couple inconvinients... But it is mostly a MP3 Player!

How do you feed your friends pets in happy pets?

You can't, you can only remind them to feed their pets.

Are they still making new happy tree friends episodes?

Yes. But only on youtube.

IS happy tree friends for a ten year old?

only ten and younger can not watch it

What does it mean when your only happy around your friends?

It means that it get to the point that you be around your friends so much that when your not around them you really have nothing to do or dont enjoy yourself the same way when you were around your friends

Does the ipod touch 4th generation have 3g?

I had the same question recently... My friends dad repairs iPods and knows lots about them... I recently got a new iPod touch and wanted tO know if 3G was a possibility... Since my friends dad knows so much, I asked him, and he said that the 3G is ONLY available for the iPhone not the iPod... Sorry if that disappoints you...

Can ipod users play games vs droid users?

The only game I have found so far that works on Ipod 3rd Gen. and Droid X is Words with Friends.

How do you get into an iPod touch when the pass code is forgotten and don't have an itunes?

The only thing you can do is a complete reset to its original condition, but this will mean you lose everything on the Touch - contacts, music, podcasts, movies, notes, downloaded apps, the works. And you will need to create a iTunes account in order to do this.

When will you ever stop the violence in Happy Tree Friends?

I think it will never end. because violence is the only thing that they show in Happy tree friends. Without it, it just will be some kiddy cartoon for kids under 3 years. So the answer is never.(Unless the directer dies horribly like in happy tree friends kk)

How do you get a password to your iPod?

you can only put a password on a iPod Touch only. (in the ipod family)

I have a camera in my Ipod but it wont take pictures of me only of the screen what do you do?

Well, the iPod Nano is the only iPod with a video camera, and no iPod can take still pictures. Since no iPod can take still pictures, it can only take a picture of its screen. You really don't have a problem, its that the iPod can only take still pictures of your screen and not you.

How do you get iPod games onto your iPod touch?

You can only get ipod games on an ipod nano or ipod classic. You can get apps on an ipod touch

Does a nano iPod have internet?

No. The only ipod that has internet is ipod touch.

Can you put videos on a iPod Nano second gen?

I want to know the same thing! I wanted to put Podcasts on my Nano 2nd Gen. but it wouldn't work, does it only work for the newer iPods? Sorry this isn't what your looking for, but nothing was written as "Answer" so I'm posting this. If you know the answer to this dilemma will you please post it? Thanks.

Can you check emails on an ipod?

Only on the iPod Touch and iPhone. Where only the iPod Touch can use only Wi-Fi, the iPhone can use Wi-Fi and 3G Network.