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They are reflecting the light of the Sun and the Earth as they travel around the planet.

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Is the layer of the atmosphere where satellites and the space shuttle orbit the earth?


What is Space Shuttle used for?

The space shuttle transported astronauts and satellites to low Earth orbit. It was unique in that it could retrieve satellites such as the Hubble Space Telescope for repair.

What do you do after sending a space shuttle up?

After a space shuttle is launched it goes in orbit around the Earth. While in orbit, the astronauts preform experiments that can only be done in micro gravity or preform maintenance on satellites, or launch new satellites.

When was the 100th space shuttle launched?

November 17th 1962, a hundred shuttles and satellites were launched from earth and successively reached space.

Where do communication satellites orbit?

Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.

When will the shuttle pass over Bozeman Mt?

Information on when and where the shuttle (when it's in orbit), the International Space, as well as other satellites will pass over any point on earth can be found at

Do people into outer space with the satellites?

most of the time, a space shuttle is sent unmanned to space with the satellite on the top of the shuttle. Then they send the sattelite further into space for good precision on the Earth, or other planets.

Is the centripetal acceleration of satellites in orbit around the Earth equal to the Gravitational pull of the Earth?

The gravitational pull of the earth forms the centripetal force responsible moving satellites in orbit, gravitational force equals centripetal force numerically.

Can you see the satellites orbit the earth?

Yes. Look at the sky a little after sundown (not too late). You will see what looks like moving stars, generally moving from west to east. After a while they will suddenly get dim and disappear - this happens when they get into Earth's shadow.

Why are satellites high up above the earth?

Because satellites can't stay in orbit if they're moving through air, so they have to be high enough where there's no air.

The space shuttle releases a satellite into a circular orbit 600 km above the Earth How fast must the shuttle be moving relative to Earth when the release occurs?

This depends on the type of shuttle and its orbit. The speed can differ from satellite to satellite, therefore a definite answer can not be given about the exact speed of shuttle while it releases satellite.

Are there little moving stars?

They only appears moving due to the rotation of the earth.

What are the artificial satellites of the Earth?

All the satellites, communications, exploratory, military etc. are artificial satellites of Earth.

How many satellites are there orbiting the Earth?

Earth has 1 natural satellite and thousands of artificial satellites. the earth has 1600 satellites

How fast does earth travel in orbit?

The Earth's orbital speed varies a little; at perihelion in January (the nearest point to the Sun) the Earth is moving a little faster, and at aphelion (most distant from the Sun) the Earth is moving a little more slowly. But on average, the Earth is moving about 67,000 miles per hour in its orbit.

Is it correct to say that satellites stay in orbit rather than falling to Earth because they are beyond the pool of Earth's gravity?

No. Satellites ARE falling. But they are also moving "sideways", and so quickly that by the time the satellite has fallen to the Earth, the satellite has continued AROUND the Earth, and missed!

What is differences between space satellite and earth satellite?

space satellites are in space and earth satellites are in earth.

Why would you classify the moon and the earth as satellites?

Why would you classify the moon and earth as satellites?

Does the earth have two satellites or Mars?

Mars has two natural satellites. Earth has one.

Can satellites be seen from earth?

Yes, if you go out at night you can often see polar satellites. They look like stars moving at a regular speed though the sky, heading either North or South.

Why should the government continue to finance the space shuttle program?

Yes, because the space shuttle was NASA's space transportation system. It carried astronauts and cargo to and from Earth orbit. The space shuttle carried as many as seven astronauts at a time to and from space. It launched satellites and served as an orbiting science laboratory.

Why do astronauts float around in the shuttle instead of falling?

They are falling ! As you see them on TV floating around in the shuttle (or outside it), they are falling towards the earth. So is the shuttle, at exactly the same acceleration, which is why they seem to hover in mid-air; they are moving exactly in time with the shuttle. In fact, shuttle and astronauts are both moving; pretty fast, too, around 18,000 mph. And that is the big secret as to why they don't crash to earth. They are falling towards the earth's surface, but the surface of the earth is curved. Because they are travelling around the earth, it's surface is receding from them, and it just happens to be moving away at the same rate as the shuttle (and contents) are falling towards it. This is called an orbit, and it doesn't really "just happen"; the engineers who program the launch vehicle take some trouble to get the final velocity just right to achieve the orbit that they want.

What are artificial satellites?

Artificial satellites are human-made, orbital objects sent into space. (There are several thousand of these in orbit around Earth.) Our moon is the only natural satellite that Earth has.Related Information:Since 1957, the term has been applied to objects that orbit the Earth. Now a number of objects have been put into orbit around various planets, moons and even our Sun.NASA currently has a plan to move a small asteroid to a near Earth position in stable orbit. This action has the potential to create an orbiting object that is not man made. It has not yet been established whether this will be termed an artificial, natural, or other type of satellite.There are satellites beaming down television to us, providing pictures for Google earth, positioning for the GPS system, etc.The Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station. Both of those assemblies are man-made, and both are in orbit around the earth. When the shuttle returned to earth, you heard about it on TV news. If you get your TV through a little dish on top of your garage, then you received it from another man-made satellite.An artificial satellite is an object which has been placed into orbit by human endeavor. They are called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites like the Moon. Examples of artificial satellites are Communications Satellites and Monitering Satellites.

What can earth observation satellites can be used for?

observation satellites are used to observer the earth and how the climate is changing.

How areTv satellites used for transmission while these satellites are constantly moving?

This is an excellent, very important question. The satellite is constantly moving in its orbit around the earth. You would think you'd have to keep moving the antenna on your house to follow it. The solution is to realize that the earth is also constantly moving ... it's rotating once every 23hours 56minutes. Then the trick is to control the orbit precisely enough so that the satellite orbit is exactly over the equator, and the satellite revolves at exactly the same rate as the earth rotates. If they can do that ... and they can ... then as far as anybody on earth can tell, the satellite looks like it's not moving at all, because it's always over the same exact point on the earth, and now you can point your little TV dish at it one time, and never have to move the antenna.

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