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You see because your eye is adapted to absorb and focus light and send the impulses to the brain for interpretation.

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How do you see objects?

we see objects with our (your) eyes

How can you see objects?

You can see objects with your own two eyes.

If we cant see atoms why can we see objects?

Because the objects that you can see are made up of many atoms.

How you see objects?

you see with your pupil.

What is a device which enables us to see minute objects?

A magnifier lens or magnifying glass is used to see minute objects, and a microscope is used to see microscopic objects.

How do you see colored objects?

you see coloured objects by the light. light makes the color of the object

Do you see objects due to reflected light?

It is the light reflected from them that enables us to see objects.

We see objects because?

We see objects, because:* Light from the objects reaches us. * Our eyes (and brains) are especially equipped to detect such light.

What is the disease that people can only see objects nearby clearly but cannot see objects in the distance?


How people can see objects?

People see objects - because light is reflected back to the person viewing.

Do most objects you see make their own light?

No. Most objects you see need to be shined on by a source of light, otherwise you don't see them.

How does the eye see luminous objects?

the eye can see luminous objects as the light produced by the object travels into our eyes

Who cannot see close objects clearly are?

Far-sighted people cannot clearly see nearby objects.

When light rays are blocked by an object you can see the objects what?

These objects are opaque.

How do we see non -luminous objects?

We can see non-luminous objects because the light reflect off the object and into our eyes that's why at night you can only see a faint out line of the objects around you

What is a opaque objects?

opaque objects are objects through which we cannot see. Eg- door, rock,ect

You see what your eyes wanted to see?

it wanted to see dark objects

Does light travel through air?

yes. that is why you are able to see objects. light reflects off objects allowing you to see.

How do you see different coloured objects?

You see different coloured objects by light. the light hits the object and reflects into your eyes.

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

What process produces different colors we see in opaque objects?

what processes produce the different colors we see in opaque objects

An instrument for seeing distant objects?

A telescope lets you see distant objects.

What will happen if you do not have objects fully clicked into place on a microscope?

you will not see the objects fully

Why can you see illuminated objects?

Cause You CAN

Why can we see objects?

Because of light.

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