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because you see a reflection

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How do you see yourself?

look at you'r self in the mirror.

What image you can see when you look at your self in a plane mirror?

You see yourself.

How do you see your self in 10 years?

Look in a mirror in 10 years time.

Where do you see your self?

In a mirror

What does mirror mean?

mirror mean: when you look through it you can see a reflection of your self.

Why do you go to the mirror?

to look at our self

Why can you see your reflection in a unbroken mirror but not in a broken mirror?

you can see your self in a broken mirror but for every piece there is another you

What you see when you look in a mirror is know as an?

You see your reflection in a mirror

Where your image appears to be when you look into a plane mirror?

mirage mirror it's self!

What do you use to use to see your self in?

A mirror.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Anything the mirror reflects.

How do you love your beautiful self?

look in a mirror you munter

What is self-esteem maintenance?

Self esteem maintenance is controling your self esteem. Like whenever you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, if you don't like what you see, change what you see. Don't be too critical on yourself.

Why can you see your self in a mirror?

becasue of the reflectiousnes of the type ofmaterial that has been made into the mirror

What do you see when you look in a mirror?

you see a reflection

Do you see your self in the mirror as others see you?

No, you see a mirror image of yourself - one that is reversed. For example, if you have writing on your shirt, it will appear backwards in the mirror. Others see you non-reversed.

Why can you see yourself in a mirror?

because you look in a mirror and see your reflection by the light hitting the mirror and then bouncing to our eyes

Do I look like the person in my pictures Or do I look how I look in the mirror?

To other people, you look like the picture. What you see in the mirror is a reverse image of what others see.

When you look in the mirror what will you see?

your reflection...

How can you see yourself?

Look in a mirror.

How could you know that you are who you are?

By the mirror, you'll see your self. :D

Can you see a mirror to see around acorner?

Yes, you can use a mirror to look around a corner.

How do you see yourself in a mirror?

Because you have eyes and you look in the mirror and you see yourself, Der.from chelsea.

Why do you see your reflection when you look in a mirror and not when you look at a book?

The image is reflected from a reflective object, in this case [your mirror], as a Book is not a mirror, it is not reflected.

How do you see if you look good with a shirt and tie?

You look in the mirror.

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