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For the same reason you can see yourself in a mirror but not in a pillow. The spoon usually has a smooth, reflective surface, while even metallic cloth would very rarely have sufficient smoothness and reflectivity for you to see your reflection.

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Why can you see your reflection on a spoon?

Because it has a reflective surface for example like a mirror you can see yourself in a mirror.A mirror and a spoon are kind of similar.Because they both have reflective surfaces.

Can you see yourself in an ordinary piece of wood?

No, you cannot.

What is the difference between cheese cloth and muslin?

Muslin is more tightly woven than cheese cloth. One can hold up a piece of cheese cloth and easily see through it, while one cannot see through muslin.

Why cant you see your reflection on a piece of cloth?

The cloth isn't shiny or smooth enough. It might seem smooth. The particles are quite rougher then the particles of a mirror.

Why cant you see yourself in a piece of paper?

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How can you remember a guyout?

Usually by tripping over it a few times. You can tie a tattle tail to it. A bright piece of cloth to let you see it better.

Can i get baby diapers coupons online?

Cloth diapers change the way you take care of your baby. Cloth diapers change the way you see your planet. Cloth diapers can even change the way you see yourself. Our award winning innovation in simple, easy-to-use cloth diaper design enables more babies to wear cloth diapers. By enabling families to better care for their children, Cotton Babies is changing everything.

Why can't you see yourself in a piece of paper?

Since it does not reflect light. You can only see yourself in a mirror because it reflects light back into your eye, paper does not do this therefore you cant see yourself the reason is that the light rays are reflected in many directions because of the uneven surface.

Are irises and flags the same flower?

A flag is not a flower. It is a piece of cloth in different colors made to represent a country. Click link below to see some flags!

What does the riddle C yourself yourself yourself yourself mean?

It means "see for yourself"

How are mirrors created?

The mirror is created by using substances found on the ground such as metal, steel, ect. That's why whenever you look into a spoon you see yourself unpside down or your head is bigger.

You had your spoon in your soup while in the microwave?

What happens when you have your spoon in the microwave is it gets really hot and melts in the inside where you can't see it

What is the worst piece that Leonardo da Vinci did?

It vis a matter of opinion. Click link below to see all his paintings. Then you can decide for yourself.

Can aluminium float in water?

Put aluminum film in the water and see it for yourself. Yes, it will float as long as it has a big surface. It will not if it is a small piece.

Why do you see an upside down reflection in the back of the spoon?

You'd actually see your upside-down reflection in the bowl of a spoon (the part where the food goes); any reflection you see on the opposite side will always be upright. The inside of a spoon acts as a concave mirror, which have the interesting property of creating an inverted image when the object being reflected is located outside the focal point. If you hold the spoon as close to your face as you can, you'd see your reflection upright.

If you held a colored cloth in front of you on the Moon what color would you see?

If you held a green cloth up in front of you on the moon; You would see green.Think about it......

Why cant you see your reflection in a piece of cloth?

The cloth is a non-reflective surface because the light is absorbed in the cloth instead of reflected or refracted like in a mirror or a pane of glass or a pool of water. BTW: A lightyear is 28,362,764,866,464,000 miles in distance. I just saw an answered question that didn't explain it at all and I thought you'd need at least one fun fact a day!! :))

Who created bathing suit?

Bathing suits don't officially have a creator, because since long ago people have either swam in nude or wore a piece of cloth, like the loin cloth. Slowly people improvised on the idea and over time it has developed by many people to what we now see.

Do you see things upside down?

Yes, we do in fact see things upside down until our brain turns it back around for us. You can prove this fact when you look at your self on the outside of a spoon, you will see yourself upside down! In fact our eyes see things the right way up but the image appears upside down in the retina, our brain works so fast that it can interpret the image quickly. +++ The spoon is no test of how sight works, but demonstrates a property of convex mirrors!

Why do folded mountains have jagged peaks?

Just shove a piece of paper from the opposite sides to the middle and you will see this for yourself. The displaced material has nowhere to go but up.

What is the ISBN of How to See Yourself As You Really Are?

The ISBN of How to See Yourself As You Really Are is 0743290453.

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There are many moth species whose hatching larvae will eat cloth. (The moths themselves do not eat cloth.) (see the related link)

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*mirror You do not see your personality; You only see the superficial parts of yourself.

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It is a dicot. Just moisten a piece of cloth and leave some mustard on it. It will grow pretty fast and you can see the two leaves coming out. it has two cotyledons and hence its a dicot!

How do you measure togs in duvet?

You put a spoon down slowly into the soil until they hit something hard and then you see how far the soil went up on the spoon