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Why can you turn the key all the way and not even crank and still have full battery life?

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Defective ignition switch, loose or corroded battery cables, starter connection, bad battery cable, or the battery can be bad even though it shows a full charge.

2005-04-06 16:33:47
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Do you still add acid if battery already full?


What causes 2004 jeep to not crank eventhough it still has full battery?

start back at the battery, are the leads corroded? is there a clicking noise when the starter is engaged but the starter wont turn? are the leads from the battery to the starter in good condition. Usually any sign of a white powder around the battery or a lot of dirt is a sign of needing attention. The clicking could be a starter relay aor the starter itself needing replacement.

If the car doesn't crank over when it has a full tank of gas what could be the problem?

Dead or weak battery? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective neutral switch?

What to do whe you have charged your mp3 player up overnight but it still doesnt have a full battery?

Continue to Let it charge if after 48 hrs there is no sign of a full battery there's something wrong with your mp3

Why does my blackberry just switch off as though it has run out of battery even though the battery is full?

Check your connections. bad connections can make a battery not charge or not power the phone.

How do you trouble shoot why a1972 El Camino wont crank even though the accessories work when the ignition is in the start positionorg?

First of all the battery needs to be tested and/or charged to full capacity. Your local auto parts store will do that for you. If the battery checks good and all connections are clean and tight, the small purple wire attached to the small "S" terminal on the starter solenoid should have battery power when the key is held in the crank position. If you have power there, I would suspect a starter/solenoid problem. If you don't have power at the "S" terminal when the key is held on the crank position, I would suspect the neutral safety switch or the ignition switch or related wiring could at fault.

If your car wont start can you still run a compression test on it?

Compression TestingYes, IF your battery can "crank" [turn the engine over] then a compression test can be accomplished even though the engine will not start and run.You need to remove all of the spark plugs to reduce the "drag" caused by all of the other cylinders not under test.Attach the compression tester to one cylinder at a time, and then crank the engine for a few seconds. Read and write down the reading, and then move to the next cylinder until you've check them all.If your battery is low, you may not get full readings, but for comparing cylinder readings, the ratios will be about the same.

Why does your battery show full charge even though starter drags and will not start?

A battery can show full charge but it also needs the right amount of amps to turn your car over. Even if your battery is at full charge and putting out all the amps it needs you could still have excessive resistance in your starting electrical system. If your entire starting electrical system is good than you could have mechanical problems in your engine that are making the engine much harder than normal to turn. It could also be that the bushings on the starter are worn, causing the starter to drag and not spin fast enough to start the engine.

What is crank throw?

Hi - crank throw is equivalent to half the full stroke of the piston -- ie distance from to to bottom.

What is possibley wrong i have a 1989 buick lesabre and just changed the cam angle sensor but i still have no spark or spray from injectors even tho' i have full pressure to the rail what is it?

Try changing the crank sensor it worked on my 1993. Behind the harmonic balancer.

How can you prevent a laptop from dying on a full charge?

Your battery may be worn out. When you use electricity to run the laptop your battery should not be in your laptop. The power will run through the battery making it drain. Either replace your battery, or take it to get it check out if it is still under warrenty.

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Why are your gauge lights flickering when you start the car?

Because you are asking the battery for its full power available to crank the car's engine over. It could also mean the battery is weakened or weakening and requires replacement or perhaps recharging. Almost all the energy available is going to the start function.

What would cause the battery to uncharge after 5 minutes on a VW Beetle?

The battery is probably bad. As they get old they lose the power to recharge all the way. If you had a full charge you could still drive quite a while (with no head lights on) even with the alternator/generator dead, unless the gen/alt is shorting out which is rare.

How long do you charge a iPod touch?

Acording to apple support, ipod touch full charge time is 3-4 hours at any point that the battery level is at before charge, even brand new is 3-4 hours, do not over charge battery! and do not let the battery full die! you need to keep the electrons always moving in the battery to extend its life.

How to repair a broken Nintendo DS?

If your Nintendo DS won't turn on even after you have charged the battery to full, you may have to purchase a new battery pack. Most battery packs for phones, computers and games will last you about 2 to 3 years.

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91 regal won't start in -2 weather battery is full charge car does nothing?

If it does nothing you have a loose or corroded battery connection. If it clicks and will not start then the starter may be frozen and or defective. I would also try jump starting it to make sure the battery is good even though it shows full charge.

How do you know when your laptop battery is full charge?

Theirs a battery on the bottom right screen.If it full then that means the battery's fully charged.

Is it bad for your cell phone if plug it in while it still has a mostly full battery?

I think the only damage you can do is unplugging it before it is fully charged

Should you leave a laptop computer unpluggrd except to recharge?

No. Leave it plugged in. Each discharge and recharge of the battery is a cycle and will reduce the efficacy of the battery. The battery will still age and reduce but a good computer will keep it trickle charged when it is at full capacity preserving or extending its life a bit vs full discharge and recharge every day.

How long should the Blackberry Curve 8530 be charged the first time?

Simply put, until it's battery indicator says full. The first time it's charged, it should start off with a completely full battery -- It doesn't matter if you have it still charging while it's full, it's not designed to break easily. :)

How do you know when the ipod touch has full battery?

top right corner with battery icon

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