Why cant a bumble bee with a white head sting you?

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Because it is a male carpenter bee and male carpenter bees can't sting.
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Do bumble bees sting?

No they only sting other bees there like guards but to go against other bees

Why do bumble-bees sting people?

because they don't need you to bother them , and they can get scared when you go to squash them which causes them to react and sting you to keep you away, just as you would if you were going to get squashed.. They do it to protect themselves.

Why do bees sting?

Bees sting for the same reason that wolves bite and horses kick. It is their defence mechanism; their means of protecting themselves and their hive. A bee will sting when it feels threatened. Bees are generally docile. If one flies near you it is very unlikely to sting if you don't make sudden mov ( Full Answer )

How do bees sting?

they contract muscles in their thorax, and the stinger comes out and they press down and they sting.

Can bumble bees sting?

Queen and worker bumblebees can sting, but they are normally non-agressive so they will only sting if attacked, or if they are defending their nest.

What is a bumble bee?

A bumble bee is a large hairy bee that makes a loud humming noise.The Bumble bee lives in small colonies in underground holes.

How does a bee sting?

The worker bee's sting is similar to egg laying organs. The stinger is located in the chamber end of the Abdomen, only sharp pointed shaft is protruded in to the person. The sting contains . The worker bee's sting is similar to egg laying organs. The stinger is located in the chamber end of the ( Full Answer )

Does a bumble bee sting?

The queens and workers can but their sting does not have barbs like a the honeybee, so they can sting more than once. Male's cant sting because they don't have a stinger. Males have a genital capsule for mating.

Can bumble bees sting you?

Yes, but only the females have stings. They are quite docile, though, and are not so aggressive as other bees and some wasps.

What to do if you have a bee sting?

if it is a bee sting it is an acid sting so then put vinegar an alkilie will level out the ph [the level of intensity in acid s and alkilies] and if it is a wasp sting put lemon juice or some mild form of acid on it and it will level it out

How do you treat a bumble bee sting?

you can put mud on the sting to sooth it and the mud is supposed to draw out the venome I am no expert on the mud treatment but a bumble bee sting requires similar treatment to that of a honey bee. There are some pretty good answers and videos covering that.

What do you put on bumble bee sting?

As bee stings are acidic you need to put a akaline on it to neutrilise it. Out of day to day items you can put washing powder or toothpaste other the sting. This may sound weird but it does reduce the swelling, ichyness and pain.

Why do bumble bees sting?

the real answer is yes! bumble bees do sting people. i guess the one that don't sting are the sting-less bees. improved answer by chewy89422: most of the time they sting you is because they think your a threat.or if you spray water at them and they sting you is because they are mad and want y ( Full Answer )

What to do after a bee sting?

Put some vinegar on the sting, or use something cold like ice or afrozen lollipop to cool it and relieve pain. The best thing to usethough is 'Anthisan' its a bite and sting cream and it relievespain, stops it itching and doesn't become inflammed! Best thing todo! It also shrinks the sting.

How does a female bumble bee find a male bumble bee?

to be a bit more specific- yes, the queen bee goes out and finds her mate when she first leaves the hive, but they make there own hive, and make babys. but shes the only one allowed to reproduce. and like aphids, males are only produced when necessary. so all of the bees in the hive are the queens d ( Full Answer )

Does a bumble bee die after it stings?

Yes. A wasps and bumble bees may sting many times since the inject their venom but retain their stings, but a honey bee leaves its sting behind and dies as a reasult.

Why is the bumble bee not a bee?

A bumble bee is a bee -- just a different sort of bee. Bumble bees do collect nectar and make honey, but not in large enough quantities to make it worth harvesting. However bumble bees are excellent Pollinators, so bumble Bees can be worth keeping. Farmers will pay you money to lend them your h ( Full Answer )

What to do when you have a bee sting?

I'm only twelve... but i recommend going to the doctor? it's pretty much the most logical thing to do. then he will scrape the venom off, because we usually wont understand how to do it. it would be really dangerous if you dont get it off of yhou

Does a bumble bee die if it stings you?

Yes if the stinger i still in you (they have a hook on the stinger) not all bumble bees sting tough only the workers and the queen

Do bumble bees sting you?

Yes they can and it's more powerful than a sting from a honey bee. They will also attack if you disturb their nest. They are the big fuzzy looking bees.

Are bumble bees stings poisonous?

Bumble bee stings themselves are not poisonous. Many people have anallergic reaction and need medical help immediately. An allergicreaction includes swelling of the throat and tongue, vomiting,difficulty breathing, fainting, and anaphylactic shock. If noallergic reaction occurs, remove the stinger, ( Full Answer )

Can a bumble bee sting more then once?

If a bee stings a mammal or bird, no; the stinger becomes trapped and tears out of the bee's body. If fighting other bees or insects, yes.

What can I do for bee stings?

this is a fairly impossible thing to do but... if you can manage to catch a WASP and make it sting you in the exact same place the bee stung you theory is it will lessen the pain as it has some kind of chemical in it. scientist have extracted the chemical that does this but it can not be soled unf ( Full Answer )

When bumble bees sting do they die?

No, they don't. Unlike bumble bees, honey bees die soon after they sting because their stingers have barbs that make it impossible for the bee to remove it, and instead the venom sack pulls free of the body, mortally wounding the bee. Bumble bees do not have barbs on their stinger, making it possibl ( Full Answer )

Are there bees with stripes that are not bumble bees?

Yes, there are many bees with stripes that are not bumble bees. Honey bees for one have stripes, along with many other bees, wasps and bee and wasp mimics. Black and yellow and black and white stripes serve as an easily identifiable warning coloration that helps reduce predation on all the bees and ( Full Answer )

What bees can sting?

Wasps,hornets, honey-bees, bumble bees, killer bees. Only the females (queen and workers) can sting, the males (drones) can't.

Why are bumble bees called bumble bees?

The original name is supposed to have been "humble bees" so it would appear to have been a derivation or abstraction of that. As most Harry Potter fans will know an early name for these bees was Dumbledore, so the "umble" part of the name seems to have been a consistent feature. I'm afraid that's al ( Full Answer )

Why don't bumble bees sting?

They do, and it hurts extremely bad, they will die when you get stung, if you get stung care for it right away because it may have poison.

What do you do if you get a bee sting?

If it is definitely a bee sting and not a wasp sting, the first thing to do is remove the barb because as long as the barb is in your skin, the venom will continue to pump into your body. (A wasp doesn't leave the barb behind.) You could then try a proprietary brand of antihistamine. You will have l ( Full Answer )

Bumble bees die if they sting?

Yes. their sting is attached to all their body organs and when they sting, it brings out all of their organs with it, and noone can live wuithout organs can they?

Why is a bee called a bumble bee?

The original name used to be Humble Bee, but that has now been almost completely displaced. Perhaps Bumble Bee is onomatopoeic for their sound.

How do you get a bee sting out?

Bees sting out on you when you bother them, the more you boher them, the more bees sting you.

Bee stings what to do?

Make a paste of water and baking soda and spread it on the site of the sting. This will take the pain away.

Do white tail bees sting?

A white tail bumblebee does have a stinger and will sting humans orother animals when it feels you are a danger to it. These bees alsohave a short tongue when compared to other bees.

Why do you have bumble bees?

In New Zealand we have them because there was no native bumble bee, and British ones were introduced. Missionary Wohlers (at Ruapuke Island) was unable to get his red clover crop fertilized, though he didn't know it was due to the lack of Bumble Bees. But in General answer is 'they evolved', and a ( Full Answer )

How do bumble bees sting?

Only female bees and wasps can sting. The females of these species have a sharp, retractable needle-like stinger in the tip of the abdomen and connected to a venom gland. The stinger itself is a modified ovipositor (egg-laying tube), which is why only females have them.

Can you die if a bumble bee stings you?

If you are hyper-allergic to bee venom (and some people are) then a bumble bee sting can send your body into anaphylactic shock. It could kill you, if you don't get immediate treatment. If you have never been stung, your chances of being hyper-allergic are relatively small, but the chance is there. ( Full Answer )

Do the big black fuzzy bumble bees sting?

they can sting if you bug them but some of them don't if they have a white lime on there heads then they don't sting but it will be dangerous if they are

Are bumble bee the baddest bee?

It's not clear what "baddest" is supposed to mean here. Bumble bees are a group of related species in the genus Bombus . None of the species in this genus are particularly aggressive towards humans, though they can and will sting if disturbed or if their nest is threatened. Unlike honeybees, their ( Full Answer )

What does bumble in bumble bee mean?

It's difficult to be precise but it's quite possible it comes from the Middle English verb bomb(e)len , meaning to make a humming sound. However, previously the older form was a humble bee. So it's difficult to be sure where it came from.

Why do bumble bees die after stinging something or someone?

Generally bumble bees don't die after stinging something or someone as they don't have barbs on their stingers. This allows them to sting multiple times. Honeybee stingers are barbed so they can only sting once and die after doing so.

Do bumble bees sting other bees?

In general, no. But there is a species of Bumble Bee called the Cuckoo Bumble Bee ( Bombus vestalis ) that is parasitic on existing nests, and will kill by stinging, the original queen.

Why does bumble bee sting humans?

Queen and worker bumblebees can sting. Unlike a honey bee'sstinger, a bumblebee's stinger lacks barbs, so it can stingrepeatedly without injuring itself. Bumblebee species are notnormally aggressive, but will sting in defence of their nest, or ifharmed. Female cuckoo bumblebees will aggressively att ( Full Answer )