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Feraligatr cannot learn Waterfall in Pokémon Gold and Silver, additionally it cannot be taught it via the HM.

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you really cant but to see ninja man you have to ggo to the deepest part of that waterfall cave place

You cant it is impossible but if you have emerald get all the Pokemon and you can get one from professor birch

It cant learn fly but you have to make him learn fly.Fly is a hm. It cant learn fly but you have to make him learn fly.Fly is a hm.

they cant swim up waterfalls

If you're talking about getting to the third boulder to push it into the pit, you don't need the hm waterfall. I thought so too, but then just try swimming up the upside down waterfall. It worked for me.

you cant but you can in soul silver

no magnet cant attract silver

he cant learn any moves unless he hatches from an egg as wynaut or learns them as wynaut but he cant learn any as wobbuffet

No, rayquaza cant learn mimic

we cant learn anything from the legends

you have to get the hm waterfall which is found within the cave

in mt cornet at the waterfall bit i cant remember how to get there but sorry

You cant get treeco in silver its a 3rd gen Pokemon and silver is based on the 2nd gen

No, Palkia dos'nt learn Hydropump. He cant learn that attack.

It cant learn zap cannon but it can learn thunder

in gold ho-oh is the main legendary and in silver it is lugia. there are also Pokemon that you cant get in silver that you cant get in gold and vice versa eg vulpix

they cant, only mudkip can learn hydro pump

you cant. In gold you cant catch weedle. i have a handbook

it cant be really know unless you are in the silver mines

you cant get two master ball's in silver

You cant get him in soul silver. Only in Pokemon White and black

the entisety of an earthquake

It probably cant regularly unless you have a special way to hack it to other than that it cant learn Sheer cold.

unfortunatley, exeggutor cant learn cut. the only HM it can learn is strength

no, it cant learn it. but u might be able to learn it from a move tutor

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