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Because mitosis creates duplicates of cells with complete copies of the chromosomes in each cell made. For eggs and sperm cells the cell division process has to end up with the eggs and sperm having just 1/2 of the chromosome numbers in each cell made. Eggs and sperm are therefore produced by 'meiosis' and not 'mitosis'.

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The whole point of a vasectomy is to no longer create sperm so you cant get pregnant. so no

the simple answer is you cant. as you get older when you ejaculate more and more will come out.

Sex cells must be haploid so they can combine to form a diploid zygote. Mitosis splits a diploid into two diploid, so a diploid must use meiosis to become haploid.

no they both have female hormones so they cant create a baby without a sperm

cardiac muscle cells are one example of cells that cant undergo mitosis because they can't stop they're current action (for obvious reasons) so they can never start replication

Sex cells need ginetic variation in order to have the many outcomes that it creates and so we are notall exact copies of eachother. Mitosis is a cell making an exact copy of itself so the sex cells would 1.) cause us to all look the same and 2.) double the number of chromosomes each generation because the two would need to combine. Meiosis goes through mitosis twice and includes crossing over and such to create, in the end, 4 cells each unique for every one cell it starts with.

Because reproductive cells generally need to have only half of the number of chromosomes that normal cells have. Therefore, they are formed by meiosis (splitting of the cell).

no and yes. you cant breed animals simply from dna collected from a saliva or hair sample. how ever and ovum (egg cell) and sperm cell without dna would not have a reaction. you need two sex cells from animals of opposite genders if the same species and the cells have to have undergone mitosis (you cant merely put dna from any part of the body into these cells and expect anything to work they need to go through a process which involves reconfiguration of the individuals dna chromosomes for the cells to be viable)

no you cant because the sperm from a boy has to touch your vigina and a toy cant give sperm.8==>

because cells divide(cell division) and create more cells due to the fact that the nucleolus doesn't grow while the cell does and separtes

No it cant as they do not have a nucleus to make space for carrying more oxygen to improve efficency they are made from stem cells in the bone marrow. The nucleus is the most important organelle for mitosis as it contains the genetic information so if it is not present then im afraid mitosis is just not 'aving it.

This cant be done as women dont have sperm.

When a sperm fertilizes an egg cell they form one full set of chromosomes enough for offspring

They contain only one of each type of chromosome needed, they are known as haploid cells. they only contain half the chromosomes needed, therefore need one another to create a new organism. :)

No, a girl cant get pregnant from sperm on thigh........

Red blood cells lack a nucleus for extra space to store hemoglobin. Since they don't go through mitosis they are constantly being made in bone marrow.

well from what i understand mitosis is just the replication of a cell, a cell divides into two cells and it is not being effected by any other cell so crossing over cant occur Crossing over occurs in meiosis to create diversity in the genetic material so the offspring is neither identical to father or mother. in mitosis it does not occur because the parent cell is making an identical copy of itself, so the DNA does not need to vary.

Because that's how sexual reproduction works. Both egg and sperm are needed to create offspring.

you cant get worms from or straight

Because mitosis produce diploid nucleii.After fertilization number of chromosomes will be doubled.

You cant increase the amount of sperm dude. If u can ,then you will be god. I think you have enough sperm to have a child.

You cant as sperm production doesn't begin until Puberty has started.Boys can experience dry orgasms at most any age, but they won't ejaculate sperm until they reach puberty.Production of semen (and the sperm cells within) is one of the cardinal signs of the progression into Puberty. Before puberty, the gonads and genitalia have not developed enough to produce sperm.You do have to have started Puberty before you can ejaculate Sperm !

no you cant taste you can touch it or play with with it you cant taste.

You cant make your sperm "thick" you can try thou by just eating healthy.

No because sperm fertilizes your egg and without the sperm you cant get pregnant

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