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Because by default, the Office 2007 version of Word uses DOCX, not the traditional DOC.

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Q: Why cant you find Microsoft office 2007 documents by searching for.doc.files on Microsoft office 2003?
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Compound documents within a webpage within Microsoft office environment?

Explain why or why not that compound documents are in Microsoft Office Framework, please!

Is there a word processor compatible with Microsoft Word?

Yes. Open Office is one. It is a free Internet download and you can open Word documents (and other Microsoft office documents) in the program and save documents in a Microsoft Word format.

What can the application Microsoft Office Document Imaging be used for?

Microsoft Office Document Imaging can be used for a number of different tasks. Microsoft Office Document Imaging can be used to scan documents, read scanned documents, fill out forms online, email scanned documents, and much more.

What is the best Microsoft office program for editing documents?

Usually Microsoft Word.

What does being in compatibility mode mean?

Compatibility mode is the term used in Microsoft Office that allows you to edit documents from Microsoft Office 2002 in Microsoft Office 2007 with only the features of Microsoft Office 2002.

Does the app store have Microsoft office?

No, you can get iWork instead which lets you convert things you create into Microsoft Office documents.

What saves a documents in Microsoft Word?

office button

What the differences between Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010?

Well Microsoft office 2007 is very good but Microsoft office 2010 is better, the reason for this is because the actually documents you do on Microsoft like word and spreadsheets are a lot clearer

Can Microsoft office read open office?

Yes - MS Office can read OpenOffice documents.

Can you edit word documents in open office?

Open Office is designed to be compatible with Microsoft's Office software and it can handle most Word documents.

Can open office open a Microsoft office document?

Yes it can. Open Office can work with MS Office documents.

Properties associated with all Microsoft office documents?


Is OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office Word?

Documents saved in DOCX or DOC format in OpenOffice should work perfectly in Microsoft Office Word. OpenOffice supports opening DOCX and DOC format documents created in Microsoft Office Word, but there may be some loss of formatting.

What is the main route of infection for macro viruses?

Microsoft Office documents

What is the role of Microsoft office in your daily life?

helps create documents

What enables Microsoft to save and access documents?

Office Live Workspace

Is Microsoft Office 2000 compatible with Office 2013?

It depends on what you mean by compatible. You can read Office 2000 documents with Office 2013, but Office 2013 documents need to be saved in a compatible format to read with Office 2000.

Can any PDA open Microsoft Office documents?

Any PDA with Windows CE (or a later Windows operating system) can open Office documents.

When using Microsoft office live will you be able to edit with Microsoft office 2003 on a windows machine and Microsoft office 2008 mac for students are they compatble?

Yes you can ----------- There is a compatability pack for office 2003 to be able to read and write to the .docx(office 2007) documents.

If you have Microsoft office 2007 mac will it be compatible with Microsoft office 2003 PC?

yes because you can save documents as a 1997-2003 document so you can read it on office 2003

You went to Microsoft office and saved and you don't know where you can go to restore your data?

normally it is in administratotr documents(my documents)

What kind of software is Microsoft Office?

microsoft office is a set of aplication software e.g microsoft word is an aplication software so is microsoft exel so is microsoft publisher they are all application software used to create variouse documents :)

Why do you need Microsoft office on your home PC?

You don't "need" it, there are plenty of free software suites that do the same as office, but microsoft office is the standard these days, and most documents are made to work with it.

What does Microsoft office help do?

Microsoft office refers to the group of programs used to create documents or presentations such as PowerPoint or Word. Many businesses use it as do students.

What is Microsoft office word?

Microsoft is a tying software for creating documents and you can download curriculum vitae, business cards, letterheads etc ( only on the latest version of Microsoft office 2007 and up)