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Why cant you turn your ignition switch all the way off on my '96 Pontiac Grand Am SE?

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2008-05-06 21:44:42

Answer #2 I believe the gear shifter safety the answer

below is referring to is actually mechanical so I doubt that is you

problem. More than likely you need to replace the igntition

cylinder lock it is a common problem with the Grand Am. == ==

"There is a sensor located on the gear shifter that senses when the

car is in park. That is what is bad on your car. It either

activates or deactivates a locking cylinder in the column that

locks or unlocks the key in the ignition switch by not allowing the

key to be turned completely off to be removed. My car did the same

thing and the dealer said I had to replace the whole shifter

assembly. There is a way to work around it but I can't tell you how

because it is a safety violation. Pay the money for the new part,

or go to a salvage yard and get a used gear shifter sensor from


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