Why car antennas are as long as TV antennas?

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The length of an antenna is based on what frequency it is designed to send or receive. The higher the freq. the shorter the antenna. For instance, cell phone antennas are very short while AM radio antennas are long. CB antennas are 18 feet long but there are many exceptions where people have tried to design shorter versions that will still work well.
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Where is the antenna in your car?

Answer . \nIf you do not see an external antenna, then it is in either the front or rear windshield. Look closely and you will see the tiny wires that make up the antenna.

How do you hook up a TV to an outside antenna?

\n. \n TV and Outside Antenna \n. \n. \nWe have our antenna hooked up with a coaxial cable. One end is attached to the antenna and the other end comes into the house and connects to the tv. We have a 4-way splitter on ours to connect 4 tvs, and all have great reception.

HOW to make a tv dish antenna at home?

Answer . you need to make the dish yourself first. i am working on it. i designing one of 120cm. i need to make 6 similar pieces to make the dish. it is about 360.98cm to the outer side. i will tell the deatils later when i am finished with it.. Answer . you need to make the dish yourself fir ( Full Answer )

Are indoor digital TV antennas directional?

Yes, but to a very limited extent. . The most common indoor antennas generally may have rabbit ears, discs, and dials. The rabbit ears, contrary to popular belief, get the best directional signal when they are laid flat with both sides sticking straight out, perpindicular on a plane parallel with ( Full Answer )

What is antenna?

antenna maybe defined astw structure associated with the transition between guided wave and free space (or) wise versa.

What is an antenna?

In Electomagnetics, Radio, Electronics, etc. : An antenna is a structure that couples energy between a circuit (radio, cell phone, etc.) and free space. The plural is antennas. In Biology, Zoology, etc. : An antenna is an organ used to sense the surroundings. The plural is antennae.

Will a plasma TV work with an antenna?

A plasma TV set is just like any other TV set on the market. It can accept video/audio signals from an VHF/UHF antenna if it has an aerial VHF/UHF antenna input.. It can also accept DVB-C or DVDB-S or DVB-T through the same antenna input. You have to refer to the manual that came with your plasma T ( Full Answer )

How do you get digital reception by antenna with a digital TV?

I get a perfect picture on TV using an antenna. Can not get digital signal to come thru when using either a converter box or a new digital TV. I have following all the instructions carefully and can get no signal for digital. The antenna is new and hooked up correctly. Get perfect analog pictures. W ( Full Answer )

What is the best outdoor antenna for tv?

The Lava HD TV antenna is one of the best outdoor TV antenna's.Another good outdoor antenna is the Winegard Pathway outdoorantenna.

Homemade tv antenna?

Sometimes a person has to make do with what they have around them.A homemade TV antenna would consist of a wire hanger and some tinfoil.

Is a special antenna required for digital TV?

The short answer is maybe.. An antenna captures signals which are at a frequency the antenna was tuned for.. New Digital signals are being broadcast in the same channel spaces as were previously assigned to television stations but because many were broadcasting both old and new, their digital sign ( Full Answer )

How does a tv antenna balun work?

It is a small transformer that allows you to properly connect a 300 ohm "balanced" antenna to 75 ohm "unbalanced" TV set. It works by allowing a "balanced" antenna to combine its outputs (it has 2) to the single input of the "unbalanced" TV (the center conductor of the coaxial cable). A common us ( Full Answer )

How does an antenna pick up tv signals?

\n. \n. \nThe short answer is , metal antenna elements are tuned by length and diameter to resonate at a electro magnetic frequencies of the tv channels. The vibrating electrons vibrate each other , even over long distance. Some every day examples of this are , electric guitar , the electrons i ( Full Answer )

Why and how do you ground a TV antenna?

\nIf you are mounting an antenna on top of your house or out on a pole, then you need to ground it from lightening strikes. IF you don't, the lighting will strike the tallest thing around your house and the current will flow through the wire and cause damage to anything and everything in your house ( Full Answer )

Can you use a television antenna for radio antenna?

yes umm you have too hook the antenna to the hole ane wrap the copper wire around it-------------------------------------------------------- It would work OK for FM radio frequencies (88-108 Mhz) in metropolitan areas, but poorly for AM radio which is 535-1600 Khz

What does a antenna do?

its collects data from space. It is a device that converts electrical energy into Radio waves or TV waves sending them out or receiving them.

What should you do if TV antenna wire does not fit your car stereo?

There're 2 ways to solve this problem:. 1. Use car specific antenna adapters. Go to any local sound shop or even Best Buy and tell them your vehicles make/model. They should have one in stock or at least be able to order one for your specific vehicle.. 2. It will not cost much to change TV antenna ( Full Answer )

Do today's tv need antenna?

The TV needs to be connected to something that provides the signal that you're going to watch. That can be a cable from your cable company, a satellite dish, an antenna, or just a DVD player if everything you want to watch is on DVDs.

How do I convert analog tv antenna to a digital antenna?

The antenna can't tell if it is receiving analog or digital. They are the same. However, some antennae are 'banded' to receive a group of channels and reject others. A high band antenna in a weak signal area may not receive the low band digital channels with sufficient strength to 'lock'.

How do you connect an antenna and cable to a tv?

The TV needs to have two RF inputs. Most don't. Otherwise you need a A-B rf switch, Radioshack has them. Or you can connect the cable box to the TV using the VIDEO IN connectors leaving the single RF (antenna) input for the antenna.

How do you construct a simple TV antenna?

There is more to a simple TV antenna than it appears, buy one and connect it with coaxial cable. Height is important so get it as high as possible.

What is the difference between radio and TV antenna?

The main differences have to do with their frequency of operation:AM radio and SW radio antennas operate at much lower frequenciesthan TV and FM radio antennas. An optimal low frequency antenna ismuch longer (and is usually operated in "quarter wave" mode toreduce its length) than an optimal high fr ( Full Answer )

What antenna do you us for tv on 18 wheeler?

Depends on what type of truck you have. On current production Freightliners, Volvos, and I believe Internationals, the CB antennas also provide reception for the AM/FM radio and television.

What happen when we touch the TV antenna?

With analog TV, usually the picture improved slightly, as our whole bodies were being used as an antenna. I don't know if that phenomena holds true with digital signal broadcasting or not.

How do you aim a TV antenna?

Ok so the first thing you want to do is take the dish, and use the screws that came with it to masturbate and get someone to do it for you, don't forget to take some sperm and dribble it on your childrens heads

If you have digital television do you need a Digital TV antenna?

No you don't, if you have a good reception with your analogue antenna you can connect it to your Digital TV and it will allow you to see digital channels including HDTV. There is a trend by manufacturers to add 'digital' in front of devices in order to sell them. There is nothing 'digital' about an ( Full Answer )

What are digital tv antennas used for?

The digital TV antennas were made when the analog satellites for TVs went to a Digital satellite. With a converter box and the digital antennas it still makes it possible to use TV that still use the old rabbit ears.

What is the best digital tv antenna on the market?

The best digital tv antenna usually depends on where one lives and whether one lives in a house or an apartment building. Some of the antennas usually offered are Antennas Direct DB2, Channel Master 4220HD, and Eagle Aspen DTV2BUHF

Can an old tv antenna go bad?

Outdoor antennas don't stand up well. I would replace an antenna after 5 to 7 years even if it looks ok. a new antenna with new lead in coax cable would improve the signal to the TV set..

What kind of antenna do you need for broadband TV?

Try a regular off air UHF/VHF antenna which cover channels 2 thru 69. while there are a few VHF stations (channels 2-13) still on the air most are UHF (channels 14-69) and are HDTV. This info applies to stations in the USA.

Can you use a TV antenna for a remote control helicopter antenna?

If the TV antenna was built for the correct frequency, it would work but my second thought is do you want the antenna to send a directional signal? I would think a "omni" signal (all direction pattern) would be a better choice. Most TV antennas are directional.

What are the downfalls of using TV antennas?

To start with, TV antennas only receive signals within a certain range. In addition, they are electrical conductors which act as lightening rods meaning an electrical arrestor must be used. Outside antennas can be dangerous to install because they require rooftop work.

What shops sell digital TV antennae?

You may find digital TV antennae at any retailers that sell TV sets.There are also many sites on line that sell antenna also, this is the best answer I can give on this question. I wish you luck.

Is there a voice controlled television antenna?

Why do you need a voice controlled TV Antenna? TV antenna are fixed so you don't need voice control. Satellite TV Aerial may require change of position to face the satellite and you do have motorised automatic aerials which changes position when you change the TV channel.

How can one setup HD TV antenna?

There are two main types of HD TV antenna: indoor and outdoor. To use an indoor antenna, one simply connects it to the relevant port in the back of the tv, switches it on at the mains and then proceed to find the correct channel settings. An outdoor antenna is generally placed on the roof or high up ( Full Answer )

How can someone attach an antenna cable to their TV?

One may attach an antenna cable to their TV in an extremely straightforward manner. Once the antenna is set up there will be a cable on the antenna equipment that should be long enough to reach the television. The cable is then inserted to the television in the plug (port) that is properly labelled ( Full Answer )

What is the highest advantage of the TV antenna amplifier?

Television antenna amplifiers increase/boost a signal for transmission usually in the 70 Ohm or 300 Ohm range. The key advantage is that it removes the need for creation of a new broadcast location to extend a signal's range.

Where can one purchase an indoor TV antenna?

One can purchase an indoor TV antenna at various online stores such as Best Buy, and Overstock. Amazon and eBay also have indoor TV antennas for sale.

What does a TV antenna booster do?

A TV antenna booster boosts the signal from the TV antenna to the broadcasters. It is useful if houses are far away from the broadcasters' towers such as in the countrysides, near the coasts, etc.

What is the purpose of the antenna on a radio and TV set?

Pick up the electromagnetic radiation (in the radio or TV bands) sothat it can be brought into the set as electrical signals. This is analogous to the purpose of your eyes: pick up theelectromagnetic radiation (visible light) so that the informationcan be brought into your brain as nerve impulses. H ( Full Answer )