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Why car stereo will not turn off with the car?


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the ACC wire from the stereo is connected to constant power (+12V)

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your ground wire for the stereo is connected to the ignition wire of the car

it is still running off the battery, most of the time it will turn off when you open the door

Kenwood car stereos have protect mode and sometimes it gets turned on. If someone wants to turn it off, they need to remove the stereo and unplug different wires to determine which one is causing the protect mode to be on.

it provides a signal to your subwoofer amplifier to turn it on and off with the car's key

P.CONT is a turn-on lead wire for your external amps if you have them. All it does is sends a signal to your amp (if you have one) to turn on/turn off

Put it in your car, turn it on and see what happens.

Fuse. Also did you have it on full blast? That might do it.

Fault in the wiring, loose harness pins, or bad head unit is what I'd be looking for.

If I remember, turn the stereo on, enter the code using the 6 preset buttons. After the beep, turn the stereo off. Then turn the stereo on and it should be OK. I just pulled my radio to get into the dash.

Because they're wired that way. Otherwise if you forget to turn the stereo off for instance it might have drained the battery until the next time you wanted to use the car.

Turn off the radio and hold the knob down for 5 seconds.

The headlights turn off because you have accidently hooked the stereo's power wire onto the headlight relay wire. When you turn on the stereo, there's not enough power left to run the headlight relay. Thus, no headlights. Re-wire the stereo.

Sims can drive with music playing. If you click the vehicle and click "Sit in Vehicle." Then when the Sim is in the car click the car again and choose either "Turn Lights On" or "Turn On Stereo." Then if you want to change the song again click the car and either click "Play Next Song" or "Change To..." Then once your done with that click either "Drive To Community Lot" or "Take a spin." But when you get out of the car you have to turn the stereo or the lights off because they don't go off automatically.

because you need to turn the volume up

What do you mean charge the amplifier? It's not a battery, so you just turn the stereo on. When the stereo goes on, the remote wire will turn the amplifier on and you're good to go.

The beeping sound should stop by itself. If the beeping does not stop, then your stereo has a technical issue. Once you get your stereo fixed, it should stop beeping after a little bit.

You can often get car stereo installation from the company you have bought the stereo off. Failing that, there are some specialist car audio specialists that install these systems, as well as some stores such as Halford's.

Car stereos are fused so check both fuse's.

Your're hotwire (power cable) may not be hooked right or completely. You may have a bad fuse or a loose one.

1. Turn on car stereo 2. Push and hold the button which turn on/off car stereo (power/vol), NEWS ON/OFF will apear on the screen. 3. Push button 1-6 (where radio stations are memorized) for desired option: 1 - NEWS ON/OFF (news) 2 - AF ON/OFF (alternative frequencies) 3 - REG ON/OFF (regional) 4 - PS ON/OFF (programme service) 5 - CLK 12/24H (time format) 6 - / or (other type of stereo) push the button which changes radio stations to scroll throuhg menu. 4. Push button 1-6 (5) to change to 24h. 5. Push button "power/vol" (which turn on/off the stereo) to confirm.

how do i turn off the headlights of my toyota 4 runner 2000 while the car is off?

In Car Stereo was created in 1983.

I'm guessing your stereo is aftermarket. If so, then whoever installed it did it wrong or tried something tricky.

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