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Why car wants to start then sputters out?


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2009-07-21 15:55:08
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cloged fuel filter, bad fuel pump.

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there is actually no problem. it sputters because the engine has to start up and it may be the way you place the key inside the ignition. so don't worry because it isn't a big problem

start the car, rev to 5500, if it sputters going up, not enough fuel pressure

Might be a valve hanging up

take it to a garage there may be something wrong with the fuel delivery system.

The year, make, model and engine info would help, but I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

he wants to start fresh with you again he wants to start fresh with you again

I had the same problem with a jeep wrangler and I replaced the throttle position sensor and that solved my problem.

yes it can. it will rev up like it wants to start but it wont turn over hope that helped

Not much info to go on but a complete tune up might be in order.

Well I can not help you with that little detail but if you think about it did you check the spark plug? once again that is the best i can do you would have to give me more detailcar won't start when you crank it , but it acts like it wants to ,

This a very vague question and there are a number of reasons why your car might not start. If it doesn't start and you have to jump it, then it starts up fine for a while and then doesn't work again its probably your battery. If, while you're driving, you accelerate and your headlights get brighter then you slow down and they dim and eventually your car sputters out and won't start you have a bad alternator. If you have to turn the key a couple times to get it to start check your spark plugs and/or wire connections. Hope this helps

That is called "run on." It is usually caused by the ignition timing being too far advanced. If it is an automatic, shut it off in gear, until you get the problem fixed.

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