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Cats chase laser dots because it is something shiny and moving, which triggers their hunting/pouncing instincts. It's a game to them that keeps them mentally and physically in shape.

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Why do cats chase red lasers?

Tatiana Hamm-cats run

Why do cats chase lasers?

Yes But Also they like the color red and chase over it!

Why do lasers drive cats nuts?

Its a cats instinct to hunt, and seeing as how the only color cats can see clearly is red, cats are naturally drawn to lasers. and they can say hi from it

Do cats chase fish?

Cats love to chase and eat fish

Why do dogs chase after cats?

Dogs chasing cats is a stereotype but they will chase cats and other things if they are excited

Do cats chase ducks?

Yes. Cats chase basically anything that moves.

Do Puli dogs chase cats?

Any dog breed can chase cats.

Do cats chase dog?

Cats chase dogs SOMETIMES!It depends on the situation.

Why do dogs chase lasers?

the dog thinks that its a tiny bug

Do cats like too chase dogs or cats .?

they actually like to chase mice

Are Shih Tzus a common breed that chase cats?

All dogs chase cats.

Cats like lasers but do dogs like laser toys?

Just like the cats like the lasers toys there are some dogs that also like the laser toys as well.

Do cats chase dogs or dogs chase them?

Both. Depending on the dog and cat, dogs can chase cats, but some feisty or territorial cats are more than capable in chasing away a dog.

Do shar pei dogs chase cats?

Any dog could chase a cat ... its a prey drive and how strong their drive is, will determine if they chase ... if the dog grew up with cats, its less likely to treat cats as prey.

What do the cainines do?

Bark and chase cats.

Why do cats chase dogs?

cat's do have sharp Claus but mostly it is dogs that chase

Do huskies eat cats?

No huskies don't eat cats the just bark and chase cats.

Why do cats chase birds?

its because they are hungry or they can annoy then and cats think they are toys

Are Border Terriers friendly with cats?

Most of them are, but some of them chase the cats around.

Why do cats chase rats?

it's the cat's instinct to chase it. they think the rat is food.

What does cats do that is confident?

they chase mice for u

Do cats chase geese?

No, usually cats don't chase geese, because geese are bigger than they are (and their bites can be very painful). They chase animals that are smaller than they are. They run from animals that are bigger than they are.

Why do dogs usually chase cats?

Dogs chasing cats is a stereotype, but they will chase cats and other things if they are excited! It also depends on territorial issues as well. If the cat had already claimed the territory, then the dog may chase it to try and get that territory, or if the dog had claimed it first, then it may chase the cat to get it off said territory.

What are ways people use lasers?

maybe to annoy people and play with cats and dogs

What are the reasons that dogs chase cats?

Not all dogs chase cats, but there are several reasons why a dog would chase a cat. Cats that are let outside usually roam, as they have quite large territories. Dogs, that perceive the house they live in as their territory, might chase off a cat if the dog feels like its territory is being threatened. Some dogs have a higher "chase" drive than others, and will just chase animals smaller than themselves for no other reason than to chase it. These reasons do not mean that dogs hate cats. Dogs and cats living in the same household are often very friendly towards each other.

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