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because night clouds prevent heat from escaping through the atmosphere and into space.And this process called radiational cooling

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Q: Why cloudy days and nights are warmer than the cloudless one?
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Why is the temperature during daytime lower on cloudy days than on cloudless days?

Because the clouds block the sun's heat. The clouds pile up on each other and make a some what strong shield against the sun's rays. As for cloudless days, the sun rays hits the Earth, nothing blocking there way. :( i hate cloudless days XD

Which species come to the surface on cloudy days and nights?

Lumbricus terrestris.

How might birds navigate on cloudy days or starless nights?

they dont

Why are days warmer than nights?

Because the sun is out on the daytime

What things coming of spring?

Flowers blooming, warmer weather and is equinox- equal days and nights.

What things signal coming of spring?

Flowers blooming, warmer weather and is equinox- equal days and nights.

Why are cloudy days cooler but cloudy nights warmer than the clear ones?

During a clear night, as heat absorbed by the earth during the day seeps out, the atmosphere allows the heat to pass through. During a cloudy night, however, the clouds catch and retain the heat in the atmosphere.Clouds trap heat being reflected from the earthThe heat radiation lost from the earth gets reflected by the clouds back to the earth, warming it. Whereas on a clear night it just escapes into space.

How does a plant survive at nights and on cloudy days?

well, when plants do photosynthesis they create sugar, but they dont use up all this food in one go! They store it for days when it's cloudy or when it's night time, because in those times there is no sunlight to help them do photosynthesis

How many cloudy days were there in seattle in 2008?

there are about 230 days that are cloudy

Why we feel warm in cloudy days?

The cloud cover acts like a blanket and traps any daylight warmth rising from the earth. A cloudless night sky allows all the warmth to escape into the atmosphere, resulting in a cold or frosty night.

When was No More Cloudy Days created?

No More Cloudy Days was created in 2006.

Why is the daily temperature range greater on clear days than cloudy days?

Clouds act like a blanket, blocking some incoming and outgoing heat. So a desert, which is usually cloudless, can be very hot during the day, but very cold at night, when all the heat escapes into space.