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I'm just now looking into this so don't quote me for accuracy, but I have good reason to present my theory.

I know that the Soviet Union was a totalitarian-communist country rather a country of true communist ideology. I will not attempt to explain totalitarianism because I have limited knowledge of it.

I believe that the Soviet Union fell because of its engagement in the Cold War. Communism strictly discourages competition between individuals and, therefore, between countries. The Union's activity in the Cold War shows that it was not Communism at all that failed. It was the excessive use of limited economic and Natural Resources that caused the country to fold in on itself.

If this is true, (which I believe it is) then it was the pursuit of political power (which is not a very Communist thing to partake in) that destroyed the USSR.

there's my theory. look into and see if it fits, afterall I've only been studying Communism for about two hours xD

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List/explain three characters or reason the author argues for the failure of communism in the Soviet Union?

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Q: Why communism failed in the USSR?
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Why didn't communism last in Russia?

Communism didn't last in Russia because Stalin had a warped idea of communism. It failed because it never was true communism, but was always corrupted. I believe it was not communism in the USSR, but more of a deadly mix of Socialism and Totalitarianism.

What did the USSR believe in?


Is USSR a communism?

Officially it was, However it should not be taken as an example of what communism is like. The USSR was more of a socialist autocracy

Who is the governing council of USSR?

The governing council of the USSR is communism.

When did communism in the USSR collapse?


How did Communism work in the USSR?

It didn't.

Why was agriculture so important for communism in the USSR?

Agriculture was important in the USSR as the government needed that part of the economy to produce enough food to not only feed farm workers but to also feed industrial workers in the cities.When collectivism failed in the 1960's, the USSR was forced to buy grain from the United States. When it failed in the 1930's it created massive starvation.

How did communism fail?

communism basically failed after the topple of Soviet Union or USSR. Soviet Union was a communist republic who controlled vast territories, they are also rival of United States who was a capitalist state back then. The main reason that USSR failed was because of the economic factor and the internal conflict within the republic. Series or propaganda and dishonest method was used to keep the colonized territory under control. Soon there were cynical views about the media censorship and propaganda and they experienced huge internal conflict which ultimately led to the fail of the communism. Though USSR failed, communist countries still exist like in place like China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Bulgaria, and more. (bad English, sorry)

What countries supported communism in North Korea?

The USSR and China both supported communism in North Korea.

When did communism stop?

Communism in the USSR came to a full stop in 1992, but communism has never stopped. Countries like Moldova and Cuba are communist.

Ussr economic system during the cold war?


How the Russian Revolution create a new world?

The Russian Revolution formed the USSR, the first Communism state. The USSR changed the world by proving that Communism could work. The USSR went to create a better world, although never achieved, it legacy will live on. P.S. We should revive the USSR

When did communism fall?

It started failing in the late 80's, and it seemed the end of communism in 1992 when the USSR was disbanded.

What was the political belief that advocated world wide revolution the abolishment of private property and the downfall of capitalism?

Communism. The world's most referred to example of communism was in the former USSR, known today as Russia. The USSR actually practiced Stalinism, not communism, arguably the reason why that system eventually failed. Cuba and China practice communism quite successfully. Capitalists often refer to poor human rights adherence in China and Cuba, without recognising that their own capitalist nations regularly ignore or subvert human rights as they see fit.

Is Bolshievism rooted from Marxism?

Yes, it split from it and became USSR style communism.

How did they spread communism in eastern Europe?

It was imposed on them when the USSR occupied them at the end of WW2.

How did communism spread to eastern Europe?

It was imposed on them when the USSR occupied them at the end of WW2.

Who were all the countries who used communism during World War 2?


Was woody guthrie communist?

Yes, but it seemed he supported by the book communism, not what the USSR did.

Difference between pure communism and communism?

Pure communism is simply a reference to the way communism was theoretically laid out by Karl Marx (who saw its occurrence as an inevitability). Communism generally refers, in common usage, to states in the last century who claimed to be communist, such as the USSR.

What is the compact on the cold war?

The Impact? was mainly the fall of communism in Europe. The arms race between the Soviets and the Americans developed during the cold war. USSR couldn't provide for both guns and food for its people. As a result, it failed.

Which countries fought on the side of Communism in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam, China, USSR.

What year did the USSR start?

1917 communism; 1922 added new Socialist Republics.

What two types of government were in the rivalry of the cold war?

Communism (USSR) and Capitalism (USA)

Which two members of the Communist Bloc did the USSR invade to protect Communism there?

Hungary and Czechoslovakia