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Why communism failed in the USSR?

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2010-07-26 20:39:44

I'm just now looking into this so don't quote me for accuracy,

but I have good reason to present my theory.

I know that the Soviet Union was a totalitarian-communist

country rather a country of true communist ideology. I will not

attempt to explain totalitarianism because I have limited knowledge

of it.

I believe that the Soviet Union fell because of its engagement

in the Cold War. Communism strictly discourages competition between

individuals and, therefore, between countries. The Union's activity

in the Cold War shows that it was not Communism at all that failed.

It was the excessive use of limited economic and natural resources

that caused the country to fold in on itself.

If this is true, (which I believe it is) then it was the pursuit

of political power (which is not a very Communist thing to partake

in) that destroyed the USSR.

there's my theory. look into and see if it fits, afterall I've

only been studying Communism for about two hours xD

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