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Why could DNA be classified as a polymer?

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A polymer is a large molecule made up of numerous smaller molecules linked together; a DNA strand is a chain consisting of numerous nucleotides linked together.

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What is the polymer of DNA?

DNA is a polymer.

Is DNA monomer or polymer?

DNA is a polymer

Why is protein classified as a polymer?

protein is classified as a polymer because it is made up of a chain of Amino acids.

Which of the following is a polymer a amino acids b monosaccharide c nucleotide d DNA?

DNA is the only polymer in that list. The other 3 options are all individual subunits that could be made into a polymer. Amino acids are the monomers (individual subunits) that up DNA and RNA

DNA is a polymer for which class of compounds?

DNA is a polymer of many monomers of nucleic acids, or nucleotides.

Is DNA a polymer?

A polymer is something that has a molecular structure made up of a large chain of similar bonded units. Yes, DNA is a polymer.

Based on the function of dna polymerase explain why each part of the name dna polymerase make sense?

means it's an enzyme - so it catalyzes a chemical reaction polymer- means it catalyzes the formation of a polymer DNA- means the polymer whose formation it catalyzes is DNA - DNA is a polynucleotide (a polymer of nucleotides, a million nucleotides strung together)

DNA is considered a polymer?

DNA is considered a polymer, although a very complicated one. A polymer is a large molecule made up of many smaller molecules, which is exactly what DNA is. Many polymers, however, repeat, which DNA does not.

Does polymer have DNA?

If the polymer is organic, then it's quite a possibility.

Is DNA a protein or not?

DNA is not a protein. It is the polymer of nucleotides.

What is the polymer of nucleotides?


What type of compound is DNA?

DNA is a long polymer of deoyribonucleotides

Is DNA a nucleotide polymer?


Why is DNA considered a polymer?


What is DNA a polymer of?

nucleic acids

What polymer is formed from mononucleotides?


Is DNA a natural polymer?


What is a polymer with a complex structure?


Why is a dna molecule described as a polymer?

Polymer is a long molecule composed of repeating units called monomers. As DNA consists of adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine repeating, it is called polymer.

What is a natural polymer?

The most well known natural polymer is DNA. It is a naturally produced chain of monomers which produce a polymer.

What is the polymer of a nucleic acid?


Which type of polymer is formed from mononucleotides?


What is the monomer for the DNA polymer called?


What type of moleclue is DNA?

An organic polymer.

Does DNA have nucleotides?

DNA is composed of nucleotides. DNA is essentially a polymer made up of nucleotide monomers

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