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The US Civil War could have been prevented. It became a reality when both sides decided to use armed force to either attempt to maintain the Union and armed force to depart from the US. Cooler heads would have worked out a compromise. US President Lincoln and Confederate President Davis would not compromise.

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Q: Why couldn't the civil war have been prevented?
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How was sharecropping a cause of the Civil War?

sharecropping did not cause the civil war but it happened after when they couldnt have slaves anymore

What kind of Presidential Candidate in 1860 might have been able to prevent Civil War?

the Civil War was a result of the secession of southern states, a president southern sympathies may have prevented the Civil War

How could the English Civil War have been prevented?

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What is apartheid struggle?

Type your answer here... the struggle is that they couldnt beat the civil war and lost

How could the Korean war have been prevented?

It could not have been prevented. North Korea attacked the South and from that point on it was war,

Would a foreign war with Mexico have prevented the US Civil War?

In fact, the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was one of the reasons to the American Civil War (1861-1865)

Slaves role in Civil War?

the war was about them. had there been no slaves, there wouldn't have been a civil war.

The man who prevented the civil war?

Barack Hussein Obama did I think, or was it bob saget?

How did civil war end?

After five years of conflicted the USA defeated CSA and prevented its independence

How could did the conflict n have been prevented?

If communist North Vietnam did not try to conquer South Vietnam, the war would have been prevented.

Which Civil War was it to do with the queen of England?

There has been no civil war in England whilst a queen has been on the English throne.

What was an impact of the Civil War?

Depends which Civil War you are referring to. There have been hundreds.English Civil WarWar of the RosesAmerican Civil WarCrimean Civil WarEtcRe-ask with the missing information.

How could the civil war have been prevented?

If California had been admitted to the Union as two states - North California and South California, meeting at the parallel of the Missouri line, the Missouri Compromise could have continued to hold.

Best describes the blockade of Southern ports during the Civil War?

A highly successful tactic that prevented war supplies reaching the Confederacy.

How did the union naval blockade affect the south economy during the civil war?

Prevented it from exporting its plentiful cotton in exchange for war-supplies.

What are the thee main causes of the Civil War?

Depends on which civil war - there have been many.

How many cities were destroyed in the Civil War?

Which civil war? There have been civil wars all over the world.

How did the african civil war start?

Although there have been many civil wars in different African countries, there has never been an "African Civil War" by that name.

How many civil wars has there been in the United States?

There has only been one civil war in the United States. The American Civil War was from 1861 to 1865.

Is the civil war world war 2?

No, there have been many civil wars in various countries around the world, but World War 2 was not a civil war.

What resulted from the Civil War?

The Civil War began because the Southern States wanted to become a separate nation from the Northern states because of different views of slavery. The Civil War prevented the Southern states from becoming their own country, and ultimately ended slavery.

Which amendment prevented former confederates to be politicians after the civil war?

The Fourteenth Amendment ~ see related link below .

How was the Sudan Civil War resolved?

As of 2013, the Sudan Civil war has not been successfully resolved.

When did the civil war in northern Ireland occur and what was it about?

What civil war? There has been many In irelands history

How could world war 1 been prevented?

It couldn't have, according to Dukish.