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Why create a system repair point?

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Microsoft's "system restore point" is not the original concept, but still does a fairly decent job. It takes a snapshot of critical system files and saves it before a major system change such as installing new programs or Windows components. This way, if the upgrade goes sour and screws up your system, "system restore" can use one of those snapshots to attempt to return the system to a functioning state.

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You create a win xp bootable CD using Nero but in boots into dos mode and you can't open setup how can you create a bootable CD that doesn't boot into dos mode?

Use the original disk that came with your computer that has your operating system on it. Don't worry you will not go far enough to load the new operating system, a screen will come up and ask if you want to reload or System Restore point. Choose system restore point. You computer automatically creates a restore point that is in the past before you were having problems. Choose System Restore Point and that will get you to your operating system, then you can look and see what is wrong and repair.

Which dialog box can you use to manually create a restore point?

Click 'create' then 'System Protection Box', enter a name for the restore point, such as "Before I tested software", and click 'Create'.

How can you create a system restore point?

In Windows 7:From the Control Panel open SystemClick on Advanced system settings to open the System Properties windowIn the System Properties window click on the System Protection tabIn the System Protection tab click on the Createbutton to start creating a restore point

Can system restore clean your virus?

Yes, but you must create a restore point.

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How to make a system restore disc for Windows 7?

Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Backup and Restore->Create a system repair disk.

How often does MS Windows back up by default?

Do you mean "System restore" By default: System restore automatically create a restore point when an Autoupdate installation is performed. Or when you install/uninstall a program with a installer that is System restore compliant. If you want it to create a restore point at regular intervals, you have to manually configure it.

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Restore disks or system repair disks can be created on install in Windows 7. However they can also be created from the control panel using the Back Up and Restore option. When in this menu left click the "Create System Repair Disk".

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How do you undo everything in your Acer aspire?

There is a thing called system restore which resets everything on you computer back to factory settings. Or you wipe your hard drive and reinstall your OS (operating system). Better option is to do system restore point which brings your system pretty much back in time to a point where you have not made those changes, but you have to create restore point at that time.

How do you create a restore point in Windows XP?

Click the Start buttonGo to All Programs, Accessories, System ToolsSelect System RestoreFollow the instructions

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What utility can you use in Windows 7 to create the Windows 7 repair disc?

The utility that you can you use in windows 7 to create the windows 7 repair disc is known as Windows Backup.

In which two situations should a technician create a restore point?

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