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Why crocodiles have a seldom need to eat?

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they have a very low metabolism and move very little in addition to being a "cold blooded" animal which means they do not maintain a regular body tempeture. all the above add up to low energy consumption there for they seldon need to eat.

2007-08-20 09:45:19
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How frequently do crocodiles eat?

Crocodiles only need one big meal and that will last them a meal

Do crocodiles need to eat often?

No! they can last for a long time.

What do crocodiles eat and is it healthy?

Crocodiles eat meat.

Do people eat crocodiles?

Yes you can eat crocodiles

Do tigers eat crocodiles?

Yes tigers eat crocodiles.

Do killer whales eat crocodiles?

Yes they do eat crocodiles

Do crocodiles eat cranes?

crocodiles usually eat anything

What food do crocodiles eat?

They eat fish and most small crocodiles.

How do crocodiles eat with their mouth full of baby crocodiles?

the crocodiles eat and put the baby a side to find food

Do crocodiles eat pants and animals?

Believe it or not, but crocodiles do NOT eat pants. However, they do eat animals.

Do crocodiles eat frogs?

Yes, crocodiles do eat frogs. Crocodiles are carnivores and eat various prey. They will eat various animals that cross their path including humans.

Who would win a tiger or a gator?

Tiger. Tigers are known to prey upon "gators" and crocodiles. "Gators" and crocodiles seldom attack tigers.

Why do crocodiles live near water?

They need moist on there scales and they eat fish

Why do crocodiles eat rocks?

Crocodiles eat rocks to help digest their food.

Do crocodiles always eat humans?

Crocodiles will eat people given the chance.

What do crocodiles eat in the wild?

In the wild, crocodiles eat food that is convenient. Crocodiles can eat frogs, fish, and even baby crocodiles. These animals are prey driven and will eat smaller ones that live within the same ecosystem.

What two countries do alligators and crocodiles live together?

Crocodiles live in America, as do alligators, but have seldom met each other in the wild.

What animals eats a crocodiles?

There are no animals that eat crocodiles

What does a BABY crocodiles eat?

Baby crocodiles eat meat. Mostly insects, or shellfish.

Do alligators eat eagles?

Yes, crocodiles can eat eagles because crocodiles are macho.

Some animals you can eat their include wallabies crocodiles and what?

You may not eat wallabies and crocodiles.

What is the amount of food that crocodiles eat?

Crocodiles eat 3-4 kilograms a day

Do crocodiles eat parrots?

Crocodiles eat anything that is alive if they are hungry, including parrots.

Why do crocodiles and snakes need to eat every few days and not regularly?

because they eat very big things

Do crocodiles eat boars?

Crocodiles would eat boars if given the chance. Crocodiles typically eat smaller animals, but they will go after larger ones if that's all that is there.