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Any womans's nipples can get hard. if there cold or arroused or something :)

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Q: Why d nipples get hard?
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Related questions

How do you make womens nipples hard?

The same way you make a guy's nipples hard.

How do you get nipples hard?

Depending on the sensitivity of the person, generally a quick squeeze and pat will make the nipple hard. If not, try a vibrator for a sunny result. :D

Your nipples are hard is that bad?

no, if u r cold your nipples tend to get hard. Women will most always get hard nipples when aroused and most men wont, but some do. if u r Mae and get hard nipples when aroused it doesnt mean theres anything wrong it just happens.

Are hard nipples a symptom of menopause?

Because women have the chills so sometimes the nipples get hard.

How do you get you nipples hard?

To make your nipples hard, you need to sexually stimulate yourself. Massage your boobs, rub them, squeeze them, etc. Also, flick, lick, and touch your nipples as much as possible. Your nipples will get hard once you're horny and sexually stimulated.

What do hard nipples feel like?

ummm... hard?

What are taut nipples?

Nipples that are really hard are referred to as being taut. They can also be called stiff or hard.

Do guys like hard Nipples?

Guys LOVE Hard Nipples. It Is Easier For Them To Suck On And Wrap Their Tongues Around!

Is it bad if your nipples are hard?

No. Nipples will harden as a reflex when they are stimulated or cold.

Why do girls nipples go hard?

For the same reasons as a males nipples go hard it is the result of increased circulation of blood.

Why do women have permanently hard nipples?

We don't. They get hard when it's cold or some women get hard nipples when they are aroused. Same reasons some men have it actually.

Are nipples supposed to be hard all the time or just when you're cold or wet?

Everyone is different. When you are young your nipples may be hard a lot of the time. As you get older your nipples tend to become hard only when you are cold, wet or sexually aroused.

Do girls nipples get hard when they get horny?

Yes they d o my friend so when you tsee them poking do not stoart choking.!

What does it mean if nipples are hard?

it could mean a few different things. Nipple get hard because of cold weather or a chilly enviroment. Nipples also get hard because you are sexually aroused.

Why are nipples so ugly when there not hard and pointy?

Theres really no answer to your random thought/question. That's just what nipples look like; either because when we notice nipples...they are usually pointing and hard.

Do nipples get hard?

Yes, they do.

Do nipples get bigger if they get sucked on?

No... I just sucked nipples and they wont change in size they will only get hard lol big nipples are just genetically inherited

Do girls nipples change when they get horny?

they get hard, the same way guy nipples do when they get turned on.

Do girls nipples get hard when she horny?

Yes they do but it does not mean that they are horny. Temperature and simulation of clothing etc. can make they get hard. It does not necessary mean she is horny. Some girls nipples are just naturally hard too.

Why are some women's nipples hard and other soft?

Women's nipples only get hard when their horney.

Do females nipples harden?

Yes, when a female is feeling sexually aroused, there nipples will start to get hard.

Your nipples are sensitive could that mean is a sign of pregnancy?

No at pregnancy the nipples become hard not tender.

Are hard nipples a sign of menopause?


Do women's nipples get hard when they are horny?

Most do, but not everyone's.

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