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Why debugging is so difficult?

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Debugging is difficult because you might not know where to look, so all of the code/all of the features of a program must be examined. Also, there may be a chain of errors where no single part is "incorrect" but they just don't work together.

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What is meant by testing and debugging in visual basic?

Debugging is so that you may run your program, without actually publishing it.

Is debugging necessary?

Yes, debugging is generally necessary. Only trivial software is free of bugs, so it is necessary to test software to identify problems and apply debugging techniques to fix those problems identified.

What is the technical name for debugging?

what is the technical name for debugging?

What debugging in Excel?

Debugging means find errors and fixing them so that a computer program works properly. In Excel, that would be applied to finding errors in your spreadsheet formulas and fixing them.

How do you carry out debugging using Google Chrome?

Debugging in Google Chrome can be done using Inspect Element. F12 is the shortcut key for enabling debugging.

How do you debug applet?

Great article of debugging, including debugging applets:

Why is debugging important?

It is important so the developers can find logical errors and typos in their programs.

When was Micro Mouse Goes Debugging created?

Micro Mouse Goes Debugging was created in 1983.

How do you make your tamagotchi grow faster without debugging it?

You can't make your Tamagotchi grow faster without debugging it. Plus, debugging a tamagotchi doesn't mean it's growing faster...

What is debugging?

In computer language, debugging is finding and removing "bugs" which cause the program to respond in a way that is not intended.

What is debugging in programming language?

Debugging is not part of a programming language, it is a human activity to find and eliminate "bugs" (errors) in a program.

Is debugging good to a computer?


What is debugging in c plus plus?

Debugging is a way of running the program to locate any errors that may arise at run-time.

What has the author Beatrice Lazzerini written?

Beatrice Lazzerini has written: 'Program debugging environments' -- subject(s): Debugging in computer science

What rhymes with hugging?

Bugging, Lugging, Tugging More negative ones: debugging (not so bad), shrugging, mugging

As you have studied debugging in your course The purpose of debugging is to find defect For this one needs a scientific approach to check and verify the code methodology?


How do you debug a web service?

Debugging XML Web Service created with ASP .Net is similar to debugging an ASP .Net web Application.

How do you eliminate bugs in debugging?

Throughout the debugging process, you run the code step-by-step to find which part or which line is responsible for producing the bug.

What has the author Arthur Robert Brown written?

Arthur Robert Brown has written: 'Program debugging' -- subject(s): Debugging in computer science

What is circuit debugging?

Circuit debugging is a type of software program that tries to fix problems within the computer. For example, if a printer is not working properly that is attached to the computer, the debugging program can try to find out what the problem is. It may or may not automatically fix a problem.

The process of finding and correcting errors?


What are synonyms of debugging?

amend, red-pencil

How do you stop debugging?

stop that's all..................

What is correcting errors in a program called?


Who invented the word debugging?

Grace Hopper

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