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Record label @ code name.


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it's Makaveli and he was 2Pac

Machiavelli did not call himself tupac.

According to Pac himself, and everyone around him, yes Tupac (2pac) was a complete player.

NO, he was no muslim get over it

The cast of 2Pac 4 Ever - 2003 includes: Bizzy Bone as himself Tupac Shakur as himself

Lodovico Machiavelli, Totto Machiavelli, Guido Machiavelli, Piero Machiavelli, Bernardo Machiavelli, Primerana Machiavelli, Baccina Machiavelli

of course 2pac...but eminem has a different rapstyle then 2pac did...

2Pac had one wife, but they were divorced. 2Pac was engaged when he died.

2pac - life goes on 2pac - until the end of time 2pac - if my homies call 2pac - i ain't mad at cha 2pac - shorty wana be a thug 2pac - little homies that's on top of my head..maybe more.

You have to refer that Brian is alone and he has only himself to rely on.

2pac definitely he is a better raper and singer that Drake is just a beginner 2pac is a legend

2pac rocks :) 2pac rocks :)

2Pac is dead and has been for 15 years.

machiavelli wrote The Prince

Considering 2Pac is dead, no he would not be.

because in prison, he read about an Italian politcs from the 1500 named nicolo machieveli, and was facinated by his work.

When 2pac got shot the first time. 2pac thought that biggie shot him because of his song "Who shot ya." Which came out in 1994 and 2pac was shot in 1995 for the first time. 2pac Released the single "Hit 'Em Up" and After that single shortly after 2pac got shot and died and everyone thought Biggie killed 2pac and in 1996 biggie died because someone thought biggie killed 2pac. So the answerer is no. I think he did because 2pac slept with his wife and made a song about it. 2pacs people went after Bigge for killing 2pac

2pac died in 96, biggy 97

The Beatles sang and made Rock and 2Pac was a rapper.

2pac got shot 12 times

Yes The Polica Tried To Frame 2pac

the answer to what did Muhammad ali referredto himself in this is third person

chanakya(kautilya) is called machiavelli of india.

Niccolo Machiavelli lived in Florence.

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