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Why did Adolf Hitler rule Germany?


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November 26, 2012 11:50PM

The answer can be found simply in the Great Depression, as well as the Treaty of Versailles. The sudden economic disaster that was the Great Depression caused a massive increase in unemployment and poverty world wide, Germany being the second most devastated country. The Treaty of Versailles, in which basically blamed Germany for the First World War, and imposed massive amounts of dept to be paid by the German people, was already weakening the economy. When the Great Depression took hold of Germany, Hitler and the Nazis saw their chance at winning over the population, who thought at the time that they were radical and insane. Of course, when people are impoverished, and are told by a politician that they will be given work, and will have a better future, they comply. Unfortunately, this compliance resulted in the death of nearly 60 million people in the future.