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Why did Adolf hitler kill the european jews?

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Concerning European Jews: Hitler did not just kill European Jews. During the Occupation of Tunisia, he also began killing Tunisian Jews. He would have tried to kill Moroccan Jews as well, but King Mohammed V resisted. However, he was only able to kill those Jews who lived in countries that Nazi Germany was able to conquer, which were mostly in Europe.

Concerning Jew-Killing: As for why Hitler killed Jews at all, please see the Related Question below.

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Why do Jews hate Adolf Hitler who is loved by many?

adolf Hitler tried to kill all Jews

Why did Adolf Hitler kill so many Jews?

Adolf Hitler hated the Jews because when he was part of World War 1, he thinks that the Jews were the ones that made them lose the war.

Who was Adolf Hitler and what was the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany 1933-1945. The Holocaust was Germany's attempt to kill Europe's Jews (1941-1945).

How why and where did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

He had many psychological problems and he wanted power!! Meglomaniac!!!!

Did Hitler also kill Germans?

Adolf Hitler killed no Germans, Jews, or anyone else. He had his ugly, twisted henchmen do it for him.

Why does anne franks family go into hiding?

because Adolf Hitler wanted all the jews to leave

Who did Adolf Hitler Kill Besides Jews?

Communists, Socialists, labour leaders, Gypsies, homesexuals.

How many jews did Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin kill combined?

joseph stalin killed over 123,000 people but he didnt kill any jews

What is reason why adolf hitler kill all jews?

He did not kill all of the Jews, he did not even want to kill all of the Jews. He wanted to kill all of the Jews within his lands because he saw them as parasitic and morally corrupt and as such a danger to his society.

Did Hitler kill all Jews?

In approximate terms, about two-thirds of the European Jews or one-third of the Jews worldwide.

What did Adolf Hitler promise he would do once he was in power?

Hitler promsed to save them fromdeath Hitler promsed to save them fromdeath he promise to kill all the Jews

What was wrong with Adolf Hitler?

Once apon a time in the land of Germany lived a little boy named Adolf Hitler. He then grew up to kill all the Jews of the land.....THE END

Why did Jews oppose Adolf Hitler?

There is a good possibilty that Jewish animus towards Hitler derives from the latter's desire to annihilate the former. (I.e. Jew hate Hitler because Hitler wanted to kill all of the Jews.)

What terrible thing did Antiochus do against the Jews?

the only reason why hitler has against jews because his uncle kill his dad and his uncle was a jew. adolf hitler was also afraid of sex

Why did the Germans kill Jews?

They killed the jews because they started another war. Before the final solution took place Adolf Hitler toled the European jews that if they start another war that he was going to killl them. They didn't listen and they called is bluff and he killed them.

Where did Adolf Hitler kill himself and why did he kill himself?

Adolf Hitler shot himself in his Berlin Bunker. Adolf Hitler shot himself because he did not want to become a Soviet prisnor.

Did Adolf Hitler kill any people?

Hitler did not personally kill anyone, but he is blamed for the deaths of 60 million people in World War II including 6 million Jews.

What number of concentration camps were there that were used to kill Jews when Adolf Hitler was in power?

what was Hitler's purpose for sending Jews to concentration camps and what is a concentration camp.

What are Adolf Hitlers traits?

Hitler' traits were killing Jews for fun and he was evil and had no right to kill Jews because they were innocent i mean what did the Jews ever do to Hitler to deserve such treatment? He was also only 5'8 but was a strong guy.

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