Why did African Americans join the continental army?

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They wanted to make money, and also become free after they serve their time.
as the need for soldiers grew, some states ignored the ban and enlisted African Americans.Rhode island raised an all-African American regiment in 1778.By the war's end,every state except South Carolina enlisted African Americans tofight
Historians estimate that as many as 5,00 African American joined the patriots.Among them were Lemuel Hayes and Peter Salem, who fought at concord.African Americans fought for the sam reasons as other Americans they belived in the patriot cause or they needed the money.Some soldiers were enslaved africans who had run away from slaveholders.Others fought to earn their freedom
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How does an American join the British army?

You cant join the British Army unless you are a citizen of either Britain or a commonwealth country. An American would have to live in the UK for 5 years and then apply for citizenship before joining the British Army.

How did the Second Continental Congress convince the colonists to join the Continental army?

Answer . John Adams persuaded his fellow delegates to set up a Continental Army and to name George Washington its leader. The Continental Army was the army fielded by the 13 coloniesagainst the British during the Revolutionary War. It was composedof units from each colony, often fighting with hom ( Full Answer )

Can an American join the Irish Republican Army?

Irish Americans were involved with fundraising for IRA terrorists in America, particularly Boston and New York, however Irish Americans have never carried out combat roles as a members of the modern IRA. The IRA was closely watched by the FBI in American, CIA in Ireland and MI5 in Northern Ireland, ( Full Answer )

Why did people join the Continental Army?

Many people joined the Continental Army because they were fightingagainst taxation that they considered to be unfair. Some joined thearmy because they had no other work at the time.

When did George Washington join the continental army?

George Washington joined the Continental Army on June 15, 1775 to the end of the Revolutinary War in September 3, 1783 where he returned home to Mount Vernon (in Virginia), until the new government asked him to become the first [United States] president in which he agreed to do.

Can an American join the Chinese army?

An American cannot join the Chinese army unless they denounce theircitizenship with America since China does not honor duelcitizenship. You also have to be a legal resident of China.

What woman secretly joined the continental army?

Mary Hays McCauly took her fallen husband's place at his cannon during the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. She will forever be remembered by artillerymen as "Molly Pitcher."

Can i join the british army i am 35 and American?

I believe you would need to be a citizen of the UK for 5 years or more, but you may not be accepted because of your age after the 5 year minimum timeframe expires, however, you can still join the Territorial Army, or Voluntary reserves in the other forces branches - RAFVR for the Royal Air Force and ( Full Answer )

How were African-Americans treated in the army?

I assume you are speaking of the "Civil war" Which happened in America between the years of 1861 and 1865. Despite the differences between the north and south, African Americans were generally paid less. White Soldiers got around $13 a Month in Union/Confederate money. African American Soldiers ( Full Answer )

What percent of the union army was African American?

Of the 2,5 million men who served in the Union army in the civil war; a total of 186,000 were African Americans. (about 7%) About 36,000 died. The Medal of Honor was award to 25 of them.

Can you join American army if you are English?

Yes, you can join the US military as a foreign national. When I did it in 98, I'm pretty sure you were required to be an established permanent resident, though I don't know if they've loosened up that requirement since.

Why were African Americans at first banned from serving in the continental army?

They thought that if they gave them guns and tought them how tofight they feared that they might revolt in the enslavedpopulation. Robert Selig reflects on African Americans in the Continental Army.Island, and Connecticut agreed to again ban all blacks, free orenslaved, from their militias.

Who led the American Continental army during the American Revolution?

George Washington was elected president after the United States of America got rid of the Articles of Confederation primarily due to his war leadership in commanding American Troops during The American Revolutionary War. The American Continental Army was the only "standing army" (militia weren't sta ( Full Answer )

When did the African Americans join the Continental Army?

During the formation of the continental army, many free blacksenlisted. Several slave-owners sent their slaves to fight in theirstead. Many slaves also joined after the US govt promised freedomto slaves who served for a year.

When did Africans join the army?

Immediately after abolition the former slaves joined the unionarmy, fleeing form the south. So 1863? I am not an american so I amfuzzy on your history, the very short US history :)

When did African Americans begin to join the military?

During the Civil War the first African Americans who joined the military were free black of Louisiana. They formed and volunteered a militia unit: the Regiment of Free Men of color as early as May 1861. They provided themselves with weapons and uniforms but, though the Louisiana Governor appointed a ( Full Answer )

Who was Continental Army in the American Revolution?

The Continental Army was the name used to describe the group of patriotic Americans who banded together the fight the British troops for independence during the American Revolution.

Why did approximately 5000 African Americans join patriot militias or the Continental Army or navy?

Many colonies passed laws that allowed black men to serve in thecolonial forces, with some guaranteeing slaves their freedom afterthe war. George Washington initially halted the recruitment of blacksoldiers, but altered his stance in 1778 as colonial forcesdwindled in some areas. The British (espec ( Full Answer )

Can Americans join the Canadian army?

Only if they have dual citizenship. The Canadian Forces only accepts Canadian citizens, with few exceptions granted to foreign nationals who may possess a skill which the CF needs badly enough to justify allowing them to enlist.

Can an Australian join the american army?

Yes all you have to do is become an American citizen. Citizenship is not required. My stepson is a British subject, and a US Marine. However, the Australian would need to become a Resident Alien- someone that is admitted to the US as a permanent resident (emigrant).

When did African Americans join Girl Scouts?

The first African American Girl Scout troop in the US was formed in 1917. However, no other information is available about the troop or its members.

Why did the African Americans join the confederate army?

Tthe masters made a deal with the slaves that if they fought on the confederate side that the slave would b free ...if ur wonderin y since bein a confederate ment to fight for slvery well it. Was because the slave just wanted their own freedom and later if the confeds won the master coyld get anothe ( Full Answer )

When did African American regiments join the union?

African-Americans joined many Union regiments at the beginning of the war. In 1863, a large number of African American regiments were formed using primarily escaped slaves as foot soldiers. Most of their officers were white, because few blacks had the required education at that time.

Were African Americans allowed in the Union Army?

African-American soldiers fought on both sides during the American Civil War. They were typically segregated into their own unit formations and led by white officers.

What were some reasons for African Americans to join the british army?

There were a few reasons why the African Americans joined the British Army during the Revolutionary war. They joined because of the Dunmore's Proclamation which would give them freedom. Some also joined because they felt the need to fight for justice.

How does one join the American Army?

One can join the American Army when one passes all the tests required to join the American Army. Testing includes body mass, sicknesses and many more things.

Why were African Americans allowed to join the army?

During the Revolutionary War, African Americans were allowed tojoin the army because the army needed the men. After the war, thearmy was for whites only again until the Civil War.