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Why did Aishwarya Rai marry Abhishek Bachchan?


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May 02, 2014 10:37AM

Aishwarya fell in love with Salman and gave him everything she could. But later as their relationship turned sore she was under tremendous pressure from Salman and his underworld links that she feared for her and her family's safety.

A son of a wealthy Indian industrialist who was keen on getting her right from the start took the opportunity and took care of her insecurities in return of her companionship. He was ready to marry her but could not as in 2002 their family divided their business. Already with media hanging above their neck he could not risk a bad press image. Their relationship continued in the secrecy till it became obvious that the "official boyfriend" she had kept for media eyes was not good enough for the job.

It is said that in 2004 when Dhoom-2 shooting started they went into an arrangement with their close family friend whom he had helped many a times financially and politically in the past. The family was in a very embarrassing situation because of their son's engagement break up. It gave that family some respect as the marriage of their son with most beautiful woman gave them back their lost respect in media. Parallelly the industrialist could continue his relationship with her under the cover from society and media behind the brand family name.

In 2007 with media getting a sense of their relationship they quickly made arrangements for her marriage and buried the controversy before it could start. It also triggerred the speculation that it was his pressure and not some "divine act" that the lady could not get pregnant before 2011. Nowadays with motherhood they have put the past behind and live a simple life because she loves it!