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Why did Al Jolson and other white actors wear blackface makeup on stage?

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== == Wearing black face makeup was a common theater technique in the early 1900s used by white performers in order to mimic and appear as a black person on stage. Blacks were not accepted on the Broadway stage during that period due to racial prejudice. The audiences knew it was only makeup and understood that this was the only way they could see an act of a pseudo-black performance. However, a number of entertainers, including Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor, were sensitive to the musical talents of blacks and their creation of the new genre of totally American music, such as as ragtime, jazz, and blues, and chose to perform it on stage. Real black music could only be heard and experienced in small unknown clubs or in cities like New Orleans that had a larger indigenous black population. Jolson, being the most famous singer of that time period, used black face makeup and performed jazz-style black music, thereby introducing it to America's white theater audiences. He did this despite widespread racial prejudice and thereby is credited most for the eventual acceptance and assimilation of black music into America's booming entertainment industry, including film, stage, and recorded music. His first movie, which was noted for being the world's first talkie (using sound technology,) was The Jazz Singer, and was released in 1927. It effectively ended the age of the silent movie.

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Which four actors won Oscar nominations for performances in which they wore blackface?

Mickey Rooney was nominated for Best Actor of 1939 for his performance in the musical "Babes in Arms." Near the end of the movie, he and other members of the cast wore blackface in a re-creation of a minstrel show.Larry Parks received an Oscar nomination as Best Actor of 1947 for his portrayal of singer Al Jolson in "The Jolson Story." During his long career, Jolson did many blackface routines, and the movie reflected that.Sir Laurence Olivier had his skin darkened for his performance in "Othello" (1966), based on the play by William Shakespeare. He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar.Robert Downey, Jr. earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in "Tropic Thunder" (2008) as an Australian method actor who has his skin darkened to play a black American soldier in a movie about Vietnam.

In what states is blackface performance currently legal?

it's not illegal anywhere, but it is generally considered offensive, the way that any other deeply stereotyped racial presentation is considered offensive. If you watch very old movies (films from the 1920s and 1930s) you'll see off-color depictions of many races (particularly Africans, Chinese, Italians, American Indians, and the Irish, which were all prominent subcultures in that era) performed by white actors. Blackface stands out primarily because of the particular tension in the US between whites and blacks, and the dramatic makeup needed to carry off the effect.interestingly, blackface did not begin as a form of mockery, but was a theatrical motif used to represent blacks in plays and entertainments in a society where only whites could be actors or entertainers. After the emancipation, however, it could only be seen as a form of regressive social commentary.

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