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he came to the u.s. to escape Germany and get a better more comfortable life.

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When he was 34year old he was not old

Albert Einstein came to America in 1933

Albert Einstein came from the state of France in Europe

Albert Einstein was born and came from Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire

Albert Einstein came to America October 1933. Hope this helped!!

Albert Einstein did not come from a Islamic background. On the contrary, his family was Jewish and lived in Austria and Germany.

albert eisteindata from amerisuccesscartit was Albert Einstein.Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinAlbert Einstein

Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein maybe twins

Albert Einstein arrived in Singapore on November 2, 1922 by the Japanese mail steamer Kitano Maru

Einstein arrived in the USA on October 17 1933

Adolf Hitler hated him and Einstein hated him back, so he left to live in the U.S.A

Albert Einstein was not an inventor.

Albert Einstein didn't make anything, but he did come up with many theories and equations like E=mc^2.

Albert Einstein made his living as a professor in Europe before coming to the US where he was a professor at Princeton University.

albert Einstein went to Einstein school

Albert Einstein was a Jew from Germany.

Einstein emigrated to the US and stayed there.

Albert Einstein is his real name. Does he have a nickname? I thought it was just Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein had a daughter named Lieserl Einstein, and two sons named Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein

Albert Einstein had 206.50 kids

Albert Einstein nationality is German since he was born in Ulm, Germany. When he died in 1955, he had both Swiss and US citizenship.

Albert Einstein actually was born and raised in Germany and move to the US because Hitler had over $5,000 on his head

albert Einstein is the oldest

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