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HOW DO YOU Say i want to play basketball in spanish?

Quiero jugar a baloncesto Means "I Want to play basketball"

Why Allen Iverson can't do his crossover moves like he use to?

He still can do it, the NBA doesn't want him to do it thus calling it "carry".

Do you want to play basketball with me?


Why does Allen Iverson live in Europe?

No NBA teams want him after he was traded back to philly, then he is now playing in turkey for god sake.

What should you do if you want to play college basketball?

Play high school basketball. Be really good at it.

What made yao ming want to play basketball?

because his parents where basketball players and he had it in his blood

Should i play basketball or football?

I say basketball because u can get hurt by play football. But if your better at football then u should play what u want.

Do I have to play basketball if I don't want to?

yes yo do,okay

I want to play in a basketball team but i have glasses what do i do?

Try contacts. :)

Why you need to play basketball?

Um. U don't NEED to play basketball. U can play it when ever u want to. But that's different when ur a basketball player. U have to play even if u don't feel like it. But that's only if ur in a basketball team.

How do you tell your committed basketball coach you want to quit?

Tell him sadly that you just dont want to play basketball anymore and you think your no good

Why does Allen Iverson use the number 3?

BECUZ he loves it alot n i wuldnt want 2 change ma numba afta having fo so long

Where do the BYU basketball team play?

The BYU basketball team is located in Provo, Utah, at Brigham university. They play college basketball. They also have a website if you want to find out more information.

Should a girl play basketball?

Sure, if you want to. Go ahead!

Will it be ok to play basketball on a cracked fibula?

Whoever asked this question will get an answer. If you are injured you can still play if you want to. But I wouldn't recommend to play basketball with a cracked fibula or any sudden injury

How has the game basketball grown from before?

more people want to play the game.

What made Micheal Jordan want to play basketball?

he saw his mom dunk

Who is Pro basketball player named King?

The Pro basketball ''King'' only means to be the best at playing basketball but that really doesn't matters some of the times. The only thing that matters is what you put on the court when you play. So if you want to be a Pro or just play basketball that's goog because you will already know what to do and all that. So if you want to play basketball go right on and play just remember it doesn't matter what you do what only matters is what you put on the court or the floor.

Was the first basketball team segregated?

The first basketball team wasn't segregated. Actually, black players didn't want to play.

How can i become a basketball player and play in the NBA if i live in Canada?


How basketball helps you keep your grades up?

In many schools if you have an F you can't play any sports, so that will make you keep your grades up if you want to play basketball.

What are games to play with a basketball?

you can throw it at your friends face or deflate it. If you want, you can even throw it at a hoop (but who would want to do that?!) the best game you can play is whupa ball

What can I take an interest in?

you can cheerlead if your a girl or a boy and you can play football if your a boy or you can play basketball if your a boy or girl or you can do what ever you want to do

Why do people play basketball?

People want to have fun so they play basketball? People play basketball because is a team sport,so playin withother people makes it more fun.There are also people that just love the game,they feel alive when they are playin. People play because they think its fun and rewarding. They also play cause they can meet new people when they go to camps and basketball games.

How tall do you need to be to play basketball at eleven?

If you want to play pivet, you will have to be one of the tallest person in the team and you should be very good at basketball. Height does not matter, all that matters is how good you are at offence and deffence and how well you play the game

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