Why did Amelia Earhart want to fly around the world?

This would have been her Crowning achievement. No human being had ever flown around the world (at that time). The Mission would take considerable time and much long-range reconnaisance and mapping could be undertaken, consider that she (lifted off) on St.Patrick"s day of 1937 and was not posted missing until July 2 of that year., Over three months! Really an expedition and not a (Flight) which conveys the idea of something overnight or (Hell for leather) speed oriented. this was a panorama cruise not a speed dash, and had it been successful, well who knows what the next chapter might have been. Dorothy Killgallen,(madame Kill) was a crime writer from the NY metro area and was catapulted to fame by her coverage of the Gladys Mcknight axe murder case in l936. her Globe-trotting would have to have been post-Earhart, and again, was undertaken on commercial passenger lines. There is a book on the subject, called, I believe, Girl around the world. It used to be in the Bayonne Public Library in their aviation section. Ms. Killgallen is recalled in Bayonne as that was the locus of the Gladys Mcknight case. (Rickety-Rax, here comes the Axe) this was a horrific crime for relatively placid Bayonne in l936.