Why did America lose to Vietnam?

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There were two Vietnams; North & South Vietnam. A country called Vietnam during the war didn't exist.

1. Couldn't use nukes

2. Couldn't invade North Vietnam

3. Couldn't isolate the movement of M/M into RVN (South Vietnam)

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Q: Why did America lose to Vietnam?
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How did America lose the Vietnam war?

America didnt really lose the war. It was never America's war to lose.

Did America withdraw or lose the battle of Vietnam?

American withdrew

How many men did America lose in the Vietnam war?

Over 58,000 men.

Did america lose the Vietnam war?

actually, we really werne't in the war we just helped out with the good freedom side of vietnam.

Did Chuck Norris go to Vietnam and did he lose he brother there?

If Chuck Norris went to Vietnam, America would've won the war. His brother needn't had gone.

Why did America lost the Vietnam War?

America did not lose the Vietnam police action. In 1975 the South Vietnamese lost their civil war with North Vietnam two years after the American withdrawal. The North violated their Peace Treaty an invaded South Vietnam and were able to defeat the South Vietnamese militarily.

Did you lose to the to Vietnam?

North Vietnam won the war.

Why did America get into a fight with Vietnam?

America helped out SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was attacking it.

How many men did Vietnam lose in the Vietnam war?


Who was America defending during the Vietnam war?

America was defending Vietnam.

Why was the Vietnam war considered a defeat?

America fought to prevent communists from taking over Vietnam. they failed, and communists took over vietnam. Then the communists decided not to be communist anymore but shop at Mcdonalds and wal-mart instead. Did america lose the vietnam war? It depends on whether you look short term or long term

When was Vietnam Veterans of America created?

Vietnam Veterans of America was created in 1978.

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